Family can’t. Unfortunately animals are abused in many

Family does not only extend to humans but continues to animals too.  Do you have a pet or animal companion?  Could you ever imagine abusing them?  Abandoning them?  Leaving them them to fend for themselves and likely perish?  I bet you couldn’t.  Believe it or not this happens to a countless number of animals all over the world every day.  I think that we can agree that animal cruelty and abuse is unfair.  People try to help and they do make a bit of an imprint but it’s not enough.  Everyone must contribute to make a brighter place for our furry, scaly or slippery friends.  One of my neighbours horses was saved from the slaughterhouse.  He is very sweet and I can’t imagine life without him.  It’s hard to believe that everyday horses just like him are being slaughtered but it’s true.  Animals don’t have a voice but we do.  We need to stand up for their rights because they can’t. Unfortunately animals are abused in many different ways.  One is leaving them in an inhumane environment where they might not have food or water due to abandonment.  Some animals are even thrown into wood chippers and garbage compactors-alive.  Ways like this are pointless and cruel but it doesn’t end there.  Over 115 000 000 animals are killed in lab experiments each year. That’s about 424 657 every day. 17 694 a hour.  295 a minute.  5 every second.  Gone.  never to come back.  And that’s only lab experiments.  Animals still have to be euthanized due to abandonment and abuse.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Horses are slaughtered for meat, animals are hoarded, puppy mills breed dogs in unhealthy crowded environments, animals like dogs and birds are put into horrific fights for human entertainment, and much more.  Some of the fur in the U.S.A comes from China where cats and dogs are sometimes skinned and bleed to death for only their fur. We can all help fight animal cruelty in some way.  Don’t buy fur, ivory or other animal products.  Try to have a meatless Monday at school or at home.  Every time you eat meat like chicken or beef, your eating an animal that lived its life in captivity then was killed for human consumption.  If you are looking to get a pet, adopt from a local shelter and don’t always go for the puppys and kittens.  Older animals can great companions and life long friends too.  Adopting an animal gives it a second chance at life.  Animals from professional breeders are likely going to get bought anyways so adopt an animal from a local shelter and help give back to your community.  You can do “click to donate” for animals every day and there free.  There are many websites you can visit to click a button and help a variety of causes such as animal adoption.  If you see animals being abused (in ways such as fighting, starvation and others), contact your local law enforcement and/or humane society.  Helping animals does not need to be hard or take long.  It all adds up in the end.  Every click, meatless monday and animal adoption is bringing the fight to end animal cruelty closer to the end.