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What is the role of the women’s desire to build a career in the modern institution of marriage and how does it impact the attitude to love and family creation in general?

It is obvious that many women in the modern world have changed their attitude to business and to family due to the shift of the roles in the society. Nowadays, women are not considered as housewives and one of their main priority is to build a career.

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Many women are ready to create a career and devote their lives to it without being married. Marriage becomes the business affair for many of them. Love and other specific items become unvalued. The role of women’s career in the modern institution of marriage is great as many women prefer to refuse from crating a family in favor of career.

Remembering the principles of marriage some years ago, many families were created on the basis of the financial agreements, women were to stay at home and cope with the house and children. Moreover, women were dependant on men and did not have the right to obey them. The possibility for women to become equal with men in the business sphere has created the desire to dominate in the family (Coontz, 2005).

Therefore, considering the impact of the possibility of women to create the careers has impacted the institution of family greatly as now women do not feel the necessity to depend of men, they do not need financial support and the house responsibilities are boring for them; additionally, women do not hurry to get married as in this case they will not be able to build a career.

A close consideration of each of the factors may show the following. The desire of a woman to build a career impacts the time when she wants to get married. Marriage is still associated with children and children in most cases prevent women from business careers they want to have.

Therefore, the desire to make a business and only after successful affairs the women’s choice may be directed at marriage. Moreover, having created a career, women make sure that they have managed to achieve much and staying at home and coping with children is not for them. This is one more reason why women try to delay the marriage as the fact. Additionally, women have become independent, they have become equal to men and they are not going to stay at home just because they have to according to tradition.

The choice of men for marriage has also become a more complicated issue and having the right to choose, women do not hurry up with the decision. Moreover, they do all possible to remain freer even being married. Therefore, it may be concluded that the desire of women to achieve success in business sphere has changes the institution of marriage, the attitude to family and the supportive issues.

Women’s desire to build a career plays a great role in the modern institution of the marriage and it impacts the attitude to love and family creation in general as women are offered the right to be dominant, to have financial independence and choose a men they want to stay with them according to the love priorities and not for the their financial or powerful achievements.

Using popular culture (films, music, television, news, etc) what do you think are the main challenges facing families today? Relate your choices to the other social institutions we have talked about (economy, religion, education, politics, and law). Are these problems likely to change in the future? If so, what would have to change? If not, why?

Watching movies, it becomes obvious that divorce is one of the main challenges facing families today. One of the main problems is the fact that people do not consider marriage and families as something sacred.

The very idea that people can easily get married and divorce does not unite the families, vice versa, it makes the family something strange, which does not deserve attention. Therefore, the family and the marriage has become something ordinary, without sacred meaning and this is the problem which should be overcome.

Divorce is the problem in the light of the modern culture and various mass media sources present this as something natural and correct. Watching TV and movies people talk about divorce as about something ordinary. This is not correct. It is the problem which is to be considered and solved, bit to solve this issue, people are to understand that divorce is the real problem.

Watching TV, movies and different shows, it is possible to notice that many people talk about divorce as about an ordinary thing. People get married, devote oaths to each other and the next day they tell their friends how they hate each other and that divorce is the only way out. Family is the relationships.

To make sure that the family is strong people are to work to conserve their relationships, but many families are not ready for this. They believe that if they are unable to understand each other, this is the reason for divorce. Many families forget about their feelings and just remember the offences.

People do not try to save the families as the social opinion supports such behavior. In many cases women are the initiators of the divorces as they view marriage as something idea, but in reality everything goes wrong. Even though the problem has become urgent, the society does not see the reasons for changing the attitude to the affair. Therefore, it may be easily concluded that the attitude to the challenge is not going to change in the nearest future.

The supporting problem after the divorce is the attitude of children to the affair. Various psychological traumas and other diseases may be developed on the basis of the divorce. Thus, the problem becomes universal and deals with heath care. The psychological condition of many people in the modern world is too bad.

There are a lot of criminals. It is impossible to say that the divorce of their parents is the min reason for their behavior, however, it is possible to predict that the family problems impacted human consciousness. Therefore, it should be concluded that the consequences of the divorces of the families might be unpredicted.

The psychology and the effect on the consciousness is impossible to understand. When people divorce, they ruin not only their dreams, but also the dreams of their children. The main problem is that society and the popular culture supports such estate of affairs which is wrong as the inability to accept the problem will never help to solve it.

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