Cranks be used to answer a problem

Cranks Ltd is a medium size IT Company based in central London. The company sells computer hardware to a number of businesses in the London area. It is very successful and has a well established staff with very little turnover. They have a well established customer list of companies in London. To give the best service to these companies they place a lot of value on good IT Technical Support for their own staff. All the computers are networked together.

The company have a strong culture of very good IT Technical Support and spend considerable time and money training the staff in this department and providing them with money in order that they give very good IT support. You are working for the IT Technical Support for Cranks. As you are considered to have a great deal of IT Technical Support experience you have been asked to produce reports for the Senior Management. Task 1 (P3) Explain information gathering techniques that can be used to answer a problem or request. a) Explain the different techniques of gathering information to answer an IT Technical problem or request.

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Remember all computers at Cranks Ltd are networked together and they do not have any standalone computers.  How can the IT Technical Support gather information to answer a problem? This is not a description of the source of information but how that information would be obtained. (e. g. Manufacturers manuals should be catalogued in the IT Technical Support area for easy access to them). There are many different ways the IT technical Support could gather information to answer a problem. The sources would consist of manufacturer’s manual and product specification, fault logs, FAQ, Internet forums, Colleagues with specialist knowledge.

In order for the IT Technical Support to gather information from a manufacturer’s manual and a product specification they would have to go through the catalogued manuals that are located in the IT technical support area. They are all catalogued meaning put in order therefore would not be hard to find because usually the old manuals would be taken out and replaced with the up to date one, once the IT technical support has obtained the required manual they would then extract the necessary information and answer the problem.

To obtain information from fault logs, either the help desk or a technician would have access to this; even if others have access it would only be for viewing and not editing. A fault log is located on a database. In order to get onto a fault log you would have to input a required password which the help desk and technician would have, once the password is accepted you would then be able to go through the fault logs and find a suitable one that has the required information. Normally a fault log would be organised therefore make your search a lot easier meaning easy access.

This would result in the problem being answered because of the previous fault logs which notes down how to resolve certain problems. In order for you to obtain information from an Internet source FAQ, you would log onto the system and go onto the internet. Once you are onto the internet you would go onto a relevant website that has your information. You would then go onto the Internet source FAQ which would then have the relevant information that you would gather in order for you to answer a problem. Internet Forums are located on the internet.

They have a lot of information that you are able to obtain by going onto them and searching what you want. You would log onto the system and search for the internet forum by using the internet. You would search an internet forum that has a good reputation and look for the relevant information. In order for to gather information from Colleagues with specialist knowledge you would have to ask them face to face on your problem. From this they would give you their advice because they would know more as they are more experienced therefore would be able to solve the problem quickly. They are located within the department.

A Manufacturers website is located on the internet. In order for you to gather information from this you would have to log onto the system. Go onto the internet. Once on the internet you would then go onto the manufacturer’s website and retrieve the relevant information that is needed to answer the problem. * How do we obtain information from the User that has the problem? (e. g. Talk to them) There are several ways to gather information from the user that has a problem. This would consist of talking to them which would help you understand more about what has happened meaning you would advise them as to what to do.

The user would phone the help desk either to report a problem or for a request, the help desk would then ask them a couple of questions i. e. what they were doing at the time the problem occurred and what programs they were running when it happened. From talking to the user the help desk would be able to get a better understanding meaning that they would resolve the problem once enough information is gathered. Another way of gathering information from a user is that they could write an email explaining the problem in detail as in when it happened, what they were doing at that time ect.

How do we gather information from the computer system itself which would help to clarify the problem? (What computer messages are there? E. g. The system does not recognise the hardware). The way we as users would gather information from the computer system would be that messages would pop up. These messages would inform you of a problem then it may lead to a button that helps you repair it. From this you are able to know what exactly is happening, if not then you could research the error code then find out how it may be resolved.

Certain computer messages would appear as in perhaps to tell you about an update, an error, a task which you are meant to complete for your computer system as in backups. Here are a few examples of messages that would come up from the computer system. Above shows you an error message. This type of error message just contains the path of the specified module. As you can see it is telling you that the specified module could not be found. In order for you to find out more about this certain error message you would go onto the internet then perhaps somwhere like Google and type in the errore message code, in this case it is “RunDLL”.

You will then find certain ways as to resolving this problem. Above shows a message of windows encountering a problem. We can gather information from this by clicking on the bit where it says To see what data this error report contains, click here. It allows us to send an error report to Microsoft or we can debug it. Task 2 (P6) Describe how organisational policies and procedures impact on the provision of technical advice and guidance The provision of technical advice is very much influenced by the Organisation (company).

Their training policies, budget, type of organisation (charity/other), company culture, work pressure, user IT expertise and other factors. Describe in a report how the organisation policies and procedures affect technical support. This is not to be specific to Cranks Ltd but for companies in general. E. g A well managed company will have clear guidelines for the IT Technical Support role. A charity may not have much money so will not be able to afford a large well service IT Technical support area. A company that is managed efficiently would have very clear guidelines.

The organisations policies and procedures that could affect the IT Technical support which would be determined by the company. The policies and procedures that may influence the technical advice would consist of the companies training policies, budget, type of organisation (charity/ other), company culture, work pressure, user IT expertise and other factors. Training Policies A company with a good training policy would most definitely run more efficiently and be more professional. This would mean that the managers would have been well trained because everything would be running smoothly.

In a good company they would be able to send employees to a training course meaning that the money is also good. From this the company’s employees would gain more knowledge as to what they have to do. This would most definitely enable the staff to be more efficient as in if there was new software that comes in they would be prepared as to what to do. If a company did not have a training policy they would most probably be uninformed as to what they would need to do. There are a few types of training policies which would consist of external and internal training.