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Everyone on this planet has the right to gain knowledge of their choice, but in many ways, this idea is suppressed in society today. In modern society, people are stifling the thirst for knowledge by banning books that could be useful. Books should not be banned because they sharpen our intellect and provide us with the freedom to form our own thoughts and opinions.The initial reason books should not be banned is because they enlighten one to see value in everything. “Maybe we should all be reading these books and talk about the problems, instead of pretending to be offended by them”   (Plummer, 10) says Simpson, a local school librarian. Books discuss controversial topics such as racism and politics. This is one of the reason many books are being banned. A lot of mothers such as Patton say” Sometimes a book helps explain things in a way I can’t (Pinto, 33). If people tell their children a garbled version that they might not understand, why can they read a book, where everything is crystal clear?Everything and everyone live in reality and books reflect that. Why should humans ban books which shed some light on the world? According to Chen (A librarian) “Some parents view childhood as a fairy land where nothing bad happens, and that is just not true” (Chen, 21). Many mothers agree to this as well “TheyTeenagers are drawn to books that reflect what is going on in their lives, says Norwood, a mother of a teenager” (Pinto,18). If teenagers are looking for a path that empowers them to face reality, why should people ban them? Similarly, parents and educators may argue that books sometimes promote selfish and wrong ideas.”Banned books often include political, religious, offensive language, sexually explicit or moral motivations”(Duran,6).This may be true, but the majority of which agree that literature classics such as “To Killing A Mockingbird” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” should be up on the shelf even if the book contains some strong language. It also true that some books can be very descriptive and some certain, curious minds would like to try something of that sort.¨Leah Gray,(a high school student)says,To me, books are more real than movies because they are so descriptive and you can picture it in your mind'”(Gray,24).  Most books however do not contain such vivid descriptions, although mentioned.All things considered, the reality that humanity has faced and will face is reflected upon these books. If people keep on banning them, our ability to reason, question, and understand things will be lost, and all of life’s future ideas will just become bandwagons. Books provide insight, inspiration, and power to all those youngsters out there. After all, they shape the future of humanity.