Eventually, were charged with bewitchment while twenty

the paranoia spread and Martha Corey a prominent member of the church
was accused . This conveyed the message that anyone can be guilty of
witchcraft. ( citation Smithsonianmag.com). Later, Sarah Good’s four
year old daughter was accused and convicted .The first women to be
hung at Gallows Hill was Bridget Bishop, although she claimed her
innocence of bewitchment. In addition,Giles Corey a seventy one year
old man was squashed to death by massive stones. ( citation
smithsonianmag.com) Most of the time, the accused witches who
confessed were spared from being hung at Gallows Hill. Therefore,
most witches confessed whereas, the witches who crefused to confess
were found guilty and executed. ( citation
historyofmassachusetts.com) Eventually, over two hundred people were
charged with bewitchment while twenty people and two dogs were
executed. (citation ushistory.org)Finally, in 1693 trials began to
die down and many of the accused were released from jail.
The Salem Witch trials had
many effects. On January 14, 1697, the Massachusetts General Court
established a day of fasting and prayer for the tragedy of the Salem
Witch Trials. Then, in 1702 the general court declared the witch
trials to be illegal. Later, in 1711 the colony compensated the
descendants of the accused witch’s with financial “pay back”. (
citation historyofmassachusetts.org) The Salem Witch Trials had many
outcomes that affected many people including subsequent generations.
The McCarthy Era began in
1950 when senator Joseph McCarthy announced that he had two hundred
and five card holding members of the Communist Party working for the
government. This led to an era of paranoia and false accusations.
There were many facters that brought about the McCarthy Era.
The Cold War had a huge
impact on the McCarty Era. In 1949, China became a Communist country.
As the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union
continued to escelate the fear of Communism spreading to the United
States intensified. This became known as the Red Scare. Additionally,
the Soviet Union abtained an Atom – Bomb immediatley after the
United States created their own. This intensified the fear of the
possability that a Soviet spy may be present in the United States. In
addition to the Red Scare , Senator Jseph McCarthy was craving
political success in the upcoming reelection for senator. McCarthy
took advantage of the country’s extreme fear of Communism and on
February 9,1950, McCarthy adressed the senate and proclaimed that he
knew of two hundred and five government officials who were spies for
the Communist Party. The American public panicked with the thought
of having communists in their midst’s and so that’s when the McCarthy
interrogations began.( citation Coldwar.org)

Many innocent people had
been accused during the McCarthy Era. In 1938 the House Un-American
Activities Committee was created. The HUAC was an agency that would
conduct investigations into questionable Communist activity. The
HUAC accused ten year old actress Shirly Temple as well as Dr. Jonas
Salk, the Polio Vaccine inventer. He was accused since an article
about him had appeared in a Communist newspaper.( citation
Mrs.Ephrati) In Addition to the HUAC accusing the Hollywood 10
producers, they were also blacklisted and therfore could not find a
job in any media based productions. Eventualy, the blacklist
increased to one hundred fifty names.( citation u-s-history.com) In
1953, Arthur Miller was blacklisted after he wrote “The Crucible”,
comparing McCarthyism to The Salem Witch Trials. Now, he was
suspicious of bein a Communist. Furthermore, Julius and Ethel
Rosenberg were arrested after Ethel’s brother in law David Greenglass
had accused them of being Russian spies. Although the couple
persisted to proclaim their innocense, they sat in jail for two years
and they were then executed by the electric chair.( citation
coldwar.org) These are just a few of the many people convicted by the
HUAC for a crime that they were indeed innocent of.

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Senater Joseph McCarthy’s
downfall began when David Schine, one of McCarthy’s previous
investigators were drafted into the army.McCarthy was dissatisfied so
in April, 1954, McCarthy had televised hearings of his charges
against the army. During these televised hearings, McCarthy
constantly distrupted with innapropiate questions and comments.
Whenever McCarthy didn’t approve of testimony that was given , he
would verbally attack the witnesses.The turning point was when
McCarthy scolded a member of the Army’s Chief Council, Joseph Welch.
Joseph responded with a glare and he then announced, ” Until this
moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or
recklessness… Have you no sense of decency,sir, at long last?”
McCarthy stood there startled as the audience erupted into applause
and cheers. McCarthy’s political power was over and the McCarthy
Hearings fizzled out. ( citation History.com)
The McCarthy Era had many
damaging effects on the American people. Many American citizens had
been labled as communists and as a result, lost their jobs. Those who
remained at their job, recognized that their careers were now
destroyed. Also,McCarthyism had many psychological effects. Many
innocent people suffered traumaticly when thier own country turned
against them. Furthermore, families and relationship were severed
because of the uncertainty of who can be trusted and who at any
moment may turn against them. Frequently, children of accused parents
were shunned. Thier peers were warned by their parents to avoid these
children. ( citation mtholyoke.edu)
The Salem Witch Trials and
the McCarthy Era share many similarities. Therfore, the McCarthy
hearings were nicknamed the ” witch hunts”. Firstly, both events
occur in the same country, the United States of America . Second,
both events happened because of hysteria and panick that came about
as a result of other countries. The Salem Witch Trials began after
the belief spread from Europe ,that the devil gives power to witches
in return for loyalty. Similarly, the McCarthy Era began because of
the paranoia of the Soviet Union’s influence of Communist spreading,
known as the “Red Scare.” By the Salem Witch Trials and by the
McCarthy Era innocent people were accused because of suspicion. There
was no evidence to prove them guilty, yet they were considered guilty
because they were suspicious.

Furthermore, In both
scenerios, Externaly it seems that justice exists. However, when
examined in detail, the lack of justice is clear. Both, the Salem
Witch Trials and McCarthyism contained charges, hearings, and
witnesses. This seems just. However, the hearings and testimony had
no affect on the verdict. Once a citizen was suspicious he was
considered guilty despite the tesimony given. This is the epitome of
unjustice. Also, both episodes were started by one person. The Salem
Witch Trials began when Abigail Williams accused or docter diagnsed
supernatural. McCarthyism began when Senator Joseph McCarthy
proclaimed that he knew of two hundred and five card holding members
of the senate who were part of the communist regime.In addition, both
events occurred because society believed one figure, the
Additionaly, in both cases
the accusers were highly respected. By the Salem Witch Trials,
Abigail Williams was respected. Similarly, by the McCarthy Era ,
Joseph McCarthy was higly respected. Also, in both incidents the
accused were scapegoats for society’s problems. The accused witches
in the Salem Witch Trials were scapegaots because society suffered
from a small pox epidemic, they had a constant fear of being attacked
by Native Americans, and had a recent clash between the rich and
poor within their community. Similarly,the accused Communists during
the McCarthy Era were scapegoats because the country was filled with
tension during the Cold War and the constant fear of Communism
spreading was present. Additioaly, both occasions ruined reputations
of the accused and their families. (citation angelfire.com)
Although the Salem Witch
Trials and the McCarthy Era have many comparisons they also contain
many differences. First, The two events occurred at different times.
The Salem Witch Trials beagan in 1692, during the colonial American
Era.Whereas, McCarthyism occurred in 1950, during the Cold War.
Another big difference, the Salem Witch Trials accused people of
being posessed by the Devil, known as witches, while McCarthyism
accused people of being Communist or Communist sympathizers.
Additionaly, the hysteria
during the Salem Witch Trials was started by young girls. Whereas,
the paranoia during the McCarthy Era beagn by one man, a senator.
Furthermore, during the Salem Witch Trials a court, the Court of Oyer
and Terminer, was setup specifically to hear the witchcraft cases. (
citation History.com) However, by the McCarthy Era, the hearings took
place in the regular government courts. In Addition, both events
lasted for different amount of time. The Salem Witch Trials began in
January of 1692 when Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Parris began to
behave strangly. The Sale Witch Trials ended in October of 1692. (
citation Historyofmassachusetts.com) The entire witchhunt lasted for
less than one year. On the Contrary, the McCarthy Era began in
February of 1950, when Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed that he knew
of two hundred and five government officials who were simultaneously
part of the Communist Party. Finally, McCarthyism ended in April of
1954, after the McCarthy Army Hearings. The McCarthy Era lasted for
approximately four years.

Additionally, The Salem
Witch Trials and the McCarthy Era had two different approaches of how
to deal with their accused victims. The Salem Witch Trials mainly
hung their “guilty”witches.(historyofmassachusetts.com) On the
other hand, the accused Communist or Communist sympothizers were
mainly blacklisted and therfore lost their jobs. Another contrast,
The amount of people charged with witchcraft and Communism are a vast
difference in number. In the Salem Witch Trials, two hundred people
were charged ith witchcraft. However, during the McCarthy Era,”
Many thousands of Americans were accused of being Communists or
Communist sympoyhizers…”( citation newworldencyclopedia.com)