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Environmental lawyerBy: Sophie GreenAn Environmental lawyer is a great career for anyone who has an interest in earth science. To be an environmental lawyer you require certain education and an understanding of the environment. Environmental lawyers could be employed at different places. They also have many advantages and disadvantages of choosing this career.An environmental lawyer is someone who helps companies receive compliance with laws and regulations. An environmental lawyer can also advise their clients on the environmental problems and requirements. They also might help companies with environmental projects. An environmental lawyer uses earth science to understand the scientific aspects of their case. They also use earth science when working with environmental scientist and engineers. Someone who is an environmental lawyer might be employed by a private firm. Environmental lawyers also work in a courtroom when representing clients. They might also engage in teaching at a university. They work within a branch of law called environmental legislation. Environmental lawyers usually work in an office environment. An environmental lawyer requires a four-year bachelor’s degree. They also need a three-year law degree. A Juris Doctor degree is the most common degree needed to be a lawyer. A law school graduate must pass the state bar exam before they can begin to practice law. In some states, they require more certifications to become specialized as an environmental lawyer.  The job outlook for an environmental lawyer over the next ten years is employment growth of 9%. This is because of the need for environmental legislation and legal representation. There is a lot of competition when trying to become an environmental lawyer because there are more students that are graduating from law school then there are job positions that are available. An Environmental lawyers job will grow more important as the world becomes more environmentally conscious. The Environmental lawyer employment rate is the same as the average growth rate for all jobs. When becoming an environmental lawyer there are many advantages. In my interview with Dana Stanton, she said an advantage was that you would be able to help solve environmental problems. Another advantage she said was that she also knew the latest developments and news involving the environment. She informed me that another advantage is when the people she gives the advice to listen. Lastly, Dana Stanton said an advantage of becoming an environmental lawyer is doing what she loves because she is passionate about the environment.               A career as an environmental lawyer also has some disadvantages. In my interview Dana Stanton she said a disadvantage was that she worked long hours. She also informed me that her job was very consuming, so she had to available to her clients and co-workers 24/7. Another disadvantage was that sometimes it was hard to get companies to listen to her when giving advice.  Lastly, a disadvantage that Dana Stanton said was that if she needed to she would have to work after hours or on weekends. An Environmental Lawyer is a great career for anyone who has an interest in earth science.  I found a career as an environmental lawyer was very interesting. I also found that this career was nice to learn about and research. Environmental lawyers may work long hours, but they also help solve environmental issues.  I believe they have an important job that helps keep our world clean.