England to the training process. The grades

England has been divided into 8 regional areas, mine being the West midlands. This comprises of Warwickshire, North Staffordshire, South Cheshire and West midlands. To represent this area, we have a sporting council, elected by other members, the regional management committee, area league manager, chairman, regional development officer, treasurer and secretary. Each English region is structured in this way to make away games to involve little travelling, as teams progress further in competitions etc, the further they often have to travel as regions play each other. Coaching awards

England has a fairly extensive award scheme for Basketball, in attempt to maintain a list of coaches who will actively be able to help and play a part in the development of basketball in this country. This is done by providing an incentive for male and female coaches to improve their knowledge and understanding of the game, and effective was of passing this on to the pupils. The awards recognise this by having six stages to the training process. The grades are as follows Level1: Basic level of coaching allows you to introduce or assist in the coaching of basketball, only limited/outline knowledge of the game.

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Level2: Basic introduction to coaching techniques, this qualification is typically what the local coaches hold, working at minor club level, gives them a general overview of the game. Level3: This is classed as the advanced coaching award, it furthers the knowledge of the coach allowing them to be able and confident to work with exceptional players. Level4: This is a brand new award not yet been introduced in Britain, it is due to be launched sometime in the early months of 2003. As well as these qualifications coaches can obtain National Vocational Qualifications in the sport of basketball.

These aren’t such common awards, but they are available after an assessment of the coaches standard This scheme is also incorporated for awarding referees and table officials. Promotional grass root schemes In general British sport has been spearheaded by several schemes in recent years to try and increase Britons “gold” medallist sports persons through a range of initiatives, designed to boost interaction at a younger age, thus increasing the lower level of the pyramid triangle. Its hoped with a larger participation base that the number of top, elite, persons can be drawn out.

Young people are now getting the opportunity to participate in basketball . On the internet I found two major projects which are designed to do this at the grass root stage. The first of which is a well known initiative known as the “Active Sports Programme” designed by Sport England and delivered through 45 sports partnerships to deliver this scheme over the spread of the country. Each partnership involves national governing bodies, local authorities and education services. It is aimed at 12-14 year olds after having experienced or possibly benefited from the earlier schemes implemented into the primary schools.

Active Sports Basketball is a new programme that aims to meet the large unfulfilled demand that already exists in taking young people who play the game into competitive environments. It operates with a “child friendly” atmosphere trying to encourage and include all, particularly in areas where it would not be possible for the youngsters to play due to social, financial reasons etc. Awards for all is another project that was set up to help small groups with the aid of sponsors and lottery funding. Giving grants of up to 5000, to applicants that have an income of less than 15000.