After self and whether I felt that I

After the recruitment and selection process and my interview, and the feedback given after the interview, I am know going to evaluate the entire performance of my self and whether I felt that I could have made improvements to the planning process prior to the interview, or whether I used the correct type of methods. I’m also going to discuss whether my experience has enabled me to pick the correct recruit. When I first began the process of recruiting an employee for McDonalds, I was looking for an employee to work as a shift manager.

Before I advertised for the job, I had to consider the type of skills required for the job role that I was recruiting for. In each stage of the planning process before a potential employee was recruited I had to start at the beginning of the process. I started of by making an advert that was stood out, and had the basic information for a recruit to know before applying for the job. Therefore I had to consider the hours that I was willing to give the recruit of a shift manager, their basic job role and the skills that was required which was that they needed pass experience of being a shift manager, or something along those lines.

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I made sure that I put on the closing date of the advert so that people wouldn’t apply after the closing date and miss on the chance of being a recruit. I also ensured that I let the potential recruit know how to apply to make it easier for them. From looking at my Advert and the type of information that was included I thought it was appealing, and stood out from the bold font what was used, but it could have been slightly more in depth as to the basic skills/ requirement that was expected of the shift manager, due to the CV’s received that didn’t have the experience of working under management.

The second stage of the planning process was to create a job description for the shift manger, what was to be shown in the job shop and also online. The job description was very in detail and allowed the recruit to see what was expected of them as a shift manager. The only changes that I would make would be to ensure that the recruit understand that without these skills required they would not be able to apply for the job. As the interviewer for the job recruit of the Shift manager at McDonalds I contributed to the interview, by preparing a list of questions that I was asking the interviewee.

I had to prepare the questions before hand and consider the type of questions I wanted to ask, to find out the type of person they were, their previous experience within the food industry, and how they are fixed for the given hours. I also wanted to find out from the interviewee what the new about McDonalds before they joined the team as its important they know background knowledge and have an understanding. During the interview I recorded down by answers to ensure I could compare the results at the end of the day to make sure I would choose the correct employee for McDonalds.

From looking back on my interview I think I could have changed the way in which the interview went. I should have approached the interviewee in a lot more of a professional way and introduced myself so they knew who I was and I made them feel welcome. I was very relaxed during the interview and I feel I should have been a lot more formal to make the interviewee maybe understand the importance of the interview. I feel the chosen questions I asked could have been a lot more in detail, and I could have used the time of the interview to find out more about the interviewee rather than the specific chosen questions.

After my interview I asked my tutor for feedback about how well he thought I did during the interview. I understood in everything he said about how the interview went for me. He gave me feedback about the way in which I approached the interviewee, saying I could have been more professional which I totally agreed with and if I was to interview someone again I would definitely change the way in which I was and he made me realise that I should have been more professional.

He also said that I could have asked a few more questions to the interviewee to find out more about their life and about their previous jobs, and I also agreed on this, but I felt that some of the questions I did ask reflected on the previous workplaces which I felt was great to know but it could have been given in a more in-depth question, to receive a better answer from the interviewee. I am know going to examine the documents that I produced prior to the interview and evaluate whether I felt they were effective enough.

Firstly I am going to look back at the first document that I made, this was my job Advert. Looking back now and comparing my job advert to other ones that I have seen in job shops and online websites, I would give more detail about in the experience required, such as that the needed management qualifications/ already worked within a management based job. I would also make the hours of work a lot clearer due to the hours looking as though the shift manager is expected to work every day on a full day shift.

My second document that I am going to evaluate is my job description, I personally don’t see that many faults with the job description other than I think it could have been more descriptive of what I expected of the shift managers job role. I would have also changed the qualifications and education part to be a lot more understandable, as not all people have a qualification relating to hospitality and catering because they may be having a change in job role, therefore I would make it more open in future for more people to apply for.

I personally believe that this document was effective for its purpose and allowed more information about the job role than the job advert. My final document is my personal specification that allowed member of the public to see what they needed to become a shift manager at McDonalds. I believe the information that was gathered for the personal specification is very beneficial and fit its purpose, the only changes I would really make for future reference would to give more description on the skills that is required to be a shift manager as they weren’t very clear.

Also I feel as though I could have used a bit more information about the work related experience, as it headed towards that I expected a shift manager to have worked in a food environment before whereas people may have a change of job role and have previous skills of a manager and work well working in a restaurant without the having previous experience. I am now going to examine the questions that I asked the interviewee during the interview.

I personally think that I could have spent more time thinking about the type of questions I asked the interviewee due to the fact I didn’t receive great answers back, because my questions weren’t very specific. I firstly asked the interviewee ‘Why do you want this job? ‘ I think I could have made this question to be a lot more formal, to receive a better answer. I also don’t think it was a great opening question to ask as I could have firstly found out more about the interviewee before asking this question.

Another question that I asked that wasn’t relevant to all interviewee’s which meant some of the interviewees didn’t get as long being interviewed was ‘Why have you decided a change career? ‘ This question is very to the point and isn’t applicable to all interviewees which is why I would have an alternative question ready if I was to do the interview again. I asked the interviewee ‘How often are you off sick? ‘ I think this is a very important question to ask due to the job role. It’s important to know that you have reliable staff especially if they have a management role job, to ensure that they are always present when they should be.

Finally a question which I believe is very important is ‘Why should we employ you? ‘, the reason for this being you can find out why they should be employee and how much they express themselves through the passion of their answer to see how much it would mean to them to get the job. I think through the list of 15 questions I had I would change a few, especially the order of them, I also would consider adding more questions in to ensure I had better answers to help out on picking a new recruit.

Overall I do believe some of the questions asked were beneficial and would be used again. I am now going to think about the type of changes I would make if I was to do the whole recruitment process again. I firstly would change the job advert and would change the colouring to be a lot more bold and stand out from any other job adverts that may be on show in job shops, as its important to make sure all possible recruit’s are able to see the job advert so they have a chance to apply for the job.

If I was to do the whole process again I would also change the way in which I interviewed the interviewee, I would ensure that I approached them in a different way which made me seem more professional and ensure that I made the interview less in formal so that the interviewee would possibly act in a different manor because they felt a lot more under pressure.

A huge change that I would also make would be the questions I asked this is really where I felt it was a downfall on the overall planning and recruitment process, I definitely would consider adding in more questions to make the interview longer and ensure I got the correct answers I needed to help me chosen the correct employee for the job with the help of my results.

A final change that I would make would be to change my document on the personal specification, I feel that it needed a lot more information included to ensure that the candidates applying for the job role was confident they fit the specification, by the list required, I think the skills included were very basic and wasn’t ideal for the job role of the shift manager and therefore I would make changes on this for the future. To conclude, from this whole experience of the recruitment process I really feel I have gained a lot from it and have the skills needed to help recruit employees.

I think from the recruitment progress I had in place, wouldn’t necessarily been the best to recruit an employee, but I feel from learning from my mistakes I could now go away and recruit the ideal employee by making small amount of changes to my previous recruitment and planning progress. On the whole I feel as though I have gained a lot from this experience and I have the understanding that from the work that I did, I wouldn’t have hired the correct employee for the job role.