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Elliott H. Chai1/8/18Competition over the New WorldMany European nations greatly desired domination of the New World, including England, and wrestled fiercely for it. Although England had started colonizing in the New World after many others, they shockingly came out on top. England was superior to other European powers due to their economy, religion and government.One reason England won domination of the New World is because of their economic superiority. In England, they practiced many diverse economic activities including farming, fishing and trading. In France, traders known as Courier des Bois ventured into the woods to trade European items for run, and along the way they learned the practices of the Natives. This trading method had no variety, and was inferior compared to the English. In the Spanish colonies, trade was controlled trade freely, which is a privilege that the English had. The English gre and exported mainly tobacco, rice, timber, and fish. Different types of fish they caught were cod, bass, and herring. Tobacco was a large part of the revenue in Virginia and North Carolina. For other Spanish and French colonies, fur and skin was a very large trade material. The Fur Trade was a large part of French economy. Overall, this led England towards an advantage against their other european rivals.One other advantage that the English possessed was their religious freedom. In England, they were mainly non catholic, although there was tolerance in a lot of the different English colonies. In France and Spain, settlers were heavily required to be Catholic. Although Protestants immensely helped in the founding of the French colonies in the New World, they were persecuted in 1659. Due to the French strictness of religion, many people decided to settle in the New English colonies because of its freedom, which largely increased its population.  There was religious freedom in the New England colonies, which led to population growth, which then led to the success of the colonies. England has another key part to their domination of the New World, which was their government. In England, colonists were privileged under their government. They were allowed to set up their own local governments, along with representative assemblies. The English settlers were also permitted to tax themselves. This was all under the circumstance that they did not go against their government. In France, everything and everyone was under the power of the king. Political rights did not exist, nor a representative government. Also. without permission from the king, public meetings could not be held. In the Spanish colonies, they were governed by governors or viceroys appointed by the government. Settlers were forced to obey the king’s law and could not make their own. Since England allowed their settlers freedom, while others did not, population grew other time which then gave England easier competition against the other colonies. England competed heavily and wittingly for domination of the New World against some of the other European countries. Due to the English’s superior economy, religious freedom and government, they won the competition for the New World. If it wasn’t for their wits and intelligence, the world, especially america, would be very different today.Works Cited “European Colonization of North America (1500-1750).” American History, vol. 1, pp. 44-119. Granbury ISD. www.granburyisd.org/cms/lib/TX01000552/Centricity/Domain/287/Fact_Sheet_U1_Comparison_of_Eng_Fr_Sp_Col.pdf.