EJ merciless dictatorship. The climax of this

EJ Vasile.

 I read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest written
by Ken Kesey.

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The setting of One
Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest is a Mental Institute in Oregon.

Randle McMurphy also
known as R.P. McMurphy is the Protagonist of the One Flew Over the Cukoo’s
Nest. R.P. McMurphy is a bruised up Red Head who is addicted to gambling. R.P.
McMurphy was sentenced to a work farm for six months. But he was diagnosed as
a psychopath and sent to the Mental Hospital.

Nurse Ratched the head
nurse of the ward is the book’s antagonist. The Nurse is rough merciless
figure. She slowly pulls apart her patients through her handpicked ruthless assistants
carries out all of her dirty work.

The rising action
begins when R.P. McMurphy arrives on the ward. He fights against Nurse
Ratchet and her rules. McMurphy even encourages the patients to rebel against
her rules. The second piece to the rising action is when McMurphy begins
backing down from Nurse Ratchet. He does this begins Nurse Ratches has
complete control over R.P. McMurphy’s destiny. But when Charles Cheswick, who
is another patient, kills himself R.P. McMurphy knows that it is more
important to fight back than to submit to her merciless dictatorship.

The climax of this novel
is when after a boating trip nurse Ratched forces a shower to clean the men.
She does this because they were with a prostitute. The problem was that the
only one to blame for this is R.P. McMurphy. When George who has a phobia for
soap and dirt he refuses to get in the shower. To shield George McMurphy
starts a fight with one of the assistants. Chief ends up jumping into protect
McMurphy. In the end both McMurphy and Chief Mop are sent to
electroshock therapy.

In the conclusion of
this book R.P. McMurphy gets a lobotomy which attempts to change the way the
brain works. When he arrives back to the ward he is not himself and Chief
cannot stand seeing McMurphy under the mercy of Nurse Ratched. Chief Kills
Randle McMurphy by smothering him and escapes to Canada for a fresh start.