Also producing a report from time to

Also it depends on the people’s disposable income because if they receive low wages then Chinese food is unlikely the first on their list for food because some might find it rather expensive and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on it. There could be a chance of growth if there is less competition around such as if the pizza takeaway shuts down and by marketing such as making special offers and advertising. There has been an increase because the previous owner prices were rather high and now the prices have dropped there has been a demand increase of the takeaway.

Another factor is the possible decline of the Business such as the competition in the area that are making special offers and deducting prices, if so then the takeaway is likely to lose trade in the area. There is a trend towards people buying ready-prepared meals because it is a growth area and people also want to try different foods such as people going on holiday want to experience new food. Overall the Takeaway is stabilised because there isn’t much competition in the area apart from the Kwik Save supermarket and the Pizza takeaway.

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Business Activities Business activities are the job roles and activities that are involved to run the Business, it relates to dealing with products and services. There are several activities that are carried out by Barnsley College, but the core activity is teaching. This is important to Barnsley College because it helps the students gain a good outcome to progress onto further and higher education and also concerns their career.

There are several activities the College carries out including, monitoring the student’s progress by producing a report from time to time, evaluating their work, dealing with administration work such as the students profiles and details, providing learning facilities such as computers and access to the internet, communicating with the students to help support them and many more including the basics like cleaning etc.

The core activity of the takeaway is producing food to trade to the public, this is because they need to gain money and profit to support their financial matters. Other activities include purchasing stock, dealing with deliveries, record keeping, financial matters, communication for telephone orders and enquiries, providing a service and cleaning. Below is a graph showing the trends of the two activities of Education and Hotels ; Restaurants.

The graph shows that the activities involving education has increased over the past seven years, this is because further and higher education is now funded differently from schools and also is very complex these days. The activity of Hotels ; Restaurants has decreased, this is because a number of restaurants have increased in Britain and so has the number of takeaway food outlets. Communications such as telephones have increased because it is a faster way to communicate with other people such as customers and clients or other member of staffs in the Business.