Eddie to my hatred for school was the

Eddie Mehmetaj

Professor Jim Roberts

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English 106

22 September 2017

Literacy Narrative Essay

started when I was about eight years old and I was going into the third grade.
This was the year I realized how much I really hated school. Third grade was
when shit got serious and there was no time for games. I went from having
homework once in a blue moon to having homework every day for every class, and
I took a lot more tests, my hate for a specific subject was brought out of me
too. This is also the year I found out I was one of the smartest kids in my
school, but I was easily in first place for the laziest.

            The first aspect of the third grade that contributed to
my hatred for school was the shitload of homework I was getting. Homework
really pissed me off because I got a lot better things to do with my life
outside of school than to be doing school work. Thanks to my smarts I was able
to get all my work done and do what I wanted as a kid like go to the park or
whatever else I would do and then do as much of my homework as I possibly
wanted to do at night and in the morning I would copy the rest off of someone.
I tried my best not to stress over homework because I felt that it was not
important. Homework did end up getting to me a couple times since I had to juggle
this new load of work in with all the rest of the stuff going on in my regular
life. This was the year I was introduced to a new subject that gave me a shit
load of projects and to this day, I hate this subject the most.

            Science class with Ms. Allen added a lot of work to the
third grade that I was not up for. Being that it was a new subject and all, I
had to start from square one and learn about the basics of science and off the
bat I realized I was not going to use none of this shit when I get older.
Science felt like I was trying to learn a whole new language, but only because
I did not want to learn about molecules, DNA and all that other stuff. I knew I
was not going to grow up to become a scientist so this class was more like nap
time to me. Since the first day of this class I automatically hated it and that
just adds to a list of why not to like school. She gave us a test the first day
and the tests in science class were no joke, I wanted no parts of them or any
test in that sense.

            The last thing that really threw me over the top with
hating school were the important do or die tests. The third grade is when you
started to take the New York state tests and there was no pressure with tests up
until now. For anyone who is not aware of what a state test is, it is basically
like regents but in elementary school. As an eight year old I should not have
this big weight of passing a test on my mind. This could take a huge toll on a
normal kid, but not for me. Like I said earlier, I’m pretty smart I just don’t
apply myself to my best ability and teachers hate that about me. The test had
me thinking about it like, “damn I need to pass this” but once we went over
review on the tests I had a good feeling that I shouldn’t have to really worry
about it at all. But tests in general just piss me off and I don’t like taking
them, I’m real lazy and I dislike doing any work that makes me try unless it’s

             All in all, the
third grade was an important year for me as I realized there are many ways of
getting through school without doing that much work. With all the tests,
homework and the science class, my hate for school grew upon me and it was
wonderful. The main reason why I hated school was because it made me work
really hard or at least tried to and I learned just how lazy I was this year
and I got through the third grade as one of the top students in my class, and I
have no one else to thank but myself and all the students that let me copy off
them. To this day my hate for school has a snow ball effect and every year
something gets added to why I should hate school even more.