“Earth to try to gain a feeling

“Earth is a training ground for
the soul”. Wars, collateral damages, casualties, terminal diseases, etc.
Are horrid, and may appeal disturbing to watch, observe, and become either
witness or an accomplice of.

You don’t need to comprise of any
intellectual sense or even a vital force, as to make yourself another
arithmetical value amplified to the population of this earth. We come here in
human form to survive. You need only a solid body as to simply walk foot on the
phase of this earth.  A pulse signifies
your living state concordant, which makes you just as unvaried as the person
sitting right next to you. Yet the human body was constructed so precise.

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Earth is only single dimension
lived, gained from within so many. Despite that, this is the life which you
suffer restlessly.

The essence of the soul carries off
on its own to rest elsewhere thereafter. Essence, Spirit and being of one’s
persona are to be someplace else. Absent from visual or auditory perception but
yet followed by an anomalous benightment, set forth to approach on one’s
journey past full of shame, melancholy, and despair to later be joined with
solace and sympathy.

People have credibility in
anything.  you can choose from religion,
(liberalists), political parties, government, monogamy/ (polygamy), nuclear
families, careers, to take side with and overall societies fabricated from a
persons conviction.

These are all just highly socially
accepted delusions which we impose on ourselves to try to gain a feeling of
semblance over our lives. Pleading its condolence at ease, leaving us at the
illusive borderline where consciousness compels to negligence: making us feel a
little less like animals. There is three differences between man and nature.
One is being of the perverse, bloody-minded intellect which conceals indelibly
within each of us. Second is the aptness of a voice. And third, being the generated
life span condemned and carved in gravestone awaiting us, meanwhile nature
endures solely.

The world already knows how you’re
going to die. It’s premeditated.

Earth is a practice ground to
toughen you up for the real thing. For where you deserve to be.

And when the thought descends within
your consciousness, you assimilate the fact; “life is only as meaningful
as you deceive yourself into believing it could be.”