Dynasty line. The Han dynasty was the

simply means a geology of rulers who are all from the same family line. The Han
dynasty was the second period of imperial dynasty of china, after the Qin
dynasty it controlled for four centuries (206BC-220AD). It was regarded as the first unified and powerful empire in
Chinese history. The following are the unique characteristics of the Han

Silk Road was established during this dynasty. There was a
network of trade routes, that was established during the Han dynasty of which
it linked the regions of ancient world in commerce, as silk was the major
product during the trade. Because silk was the major trade product
which traveled on this road,
it was named the Silk Road in
1877 by Ferdinand von Richthofen – a well-known German geographer. This ancient
route not only circulated goods, but also exchanged the splendid cultures
of China, Persia, India,
Arabia, Rome and Greek.

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number was first used in this dynasty. There are several improvements
in mathematics that took place
during this period they include square roots, cube roots, the Pythagorean Theorem,
improved calculations of pi, but the most important of all is the introduction
of the use of negative numbers in the world’s history. This shows that there were
a number of people who were creative during the period.

was the official state ideology. The Han Dynasty did benefit from Confucianism. Because of it, the Han
Dynasty improved and established the system of ruling the land by morals and
ethics, something that the Qin Dynasty has overlooked. The establishment of a
Confucian state has helped Han Wudi rule for 54 years, making him one of the
longest rulers in China’s history.

making technology was invented during this dynasty.
It was during the Han dynasty Hemp
fiber and silk were used to make paper but the quality was far from
satisfactory. Besides, these
two materials could be better used for other purposes so it was not practical
to make paper from them.

It’s regarded as a golden age in Chinese
history. It’s because of the
unique things that were done during this dynasty, it is the longest dynasty, a
long period of stability and prosperity of which made foundation of china as a
unified state. A period in which economy, art, culture and science and technology
was boosted to higher heights. Due to all these impacts, today majority of the
china’s ethnic groups refers themselves as Han people and the Chinese script as
Han characters. The following are the reasons why I chose this dynasty.

It helped in the Chinese economy growth. This dynasty was the starting point that the
economy of china was boosted to a higher level. In agriculture, handcraft,
industry, science and technology there were great achievements. This shows that
there was a rapid growth in the country’s economy and the people’s welfare
something which every country is strongly aiming at

Han dynasty lasted longer than any other
dynasty in the Chinese history. It lasted for four centuries, being the long lasted dynasty in the
history it shows how strong it was and the important impact it has made. Due to
long time of leadership it might be the reason that most of the Chinese
consider themselves as the Hans today and Chinese script as Han characters

The dynasty used Confucianism ideology
of which made the rulers to rule in a right way. Humanism was the central feature of the ideology, hence
people were treated in a right way and without considering much those who had
power, this is unlike other dynasties of which some of them used a dictator way
to rule its people, hence this shows that during this dynasty there was a state
of peace among the rulers and their people

The Han dynasty prevented china from
breaking up again after the Qin unification. This was through the construction of the Great Wall of China in large
scale, there were other defensive lines that were built in this dynasty so as
to increase defense. These walls also protected the ancient Silk Road that
linked china and other western regions. This shows how this dynasty played a
great part in security measures and thus preventing china from breaking up.

To conclude, The
Han dynasty or the Han Empire was the second imperial dynasty of China,
preceded by the Qin dynasty and succeeded by the Three Kingdoms period.
Spanning over four centuries, the Han period is considered a golden age in
Chinese history. That’s why if I could have a time machine, I could live in Han
Dynasty or Han empire.