During the personal qualities of its members

the seminar the information was given about what are the ways to build an
effective team. Apart from theory, practice work also were given to get more
experience and to understand the task better. The team building is not
something a team members have to put into the mind but have to do and
experience it.


The effectiveness of the team largely
depends on the personal qualities of its members and the relationship between
them. Each member of the team should be ready to direct their abilities and
knowledge to the solution of the command task. Therefore, it is necessary to
carefully analyze the requirements for the forthcoming work. Based on this, the
level of competence is determined, which includes the knowledge, understanding,
skills and personal qualities that the team members must have. Particular
attention should be paid to the ability to work together.It would be most
reasonable to have the team as small as possible, but so large that the
competence of its members would meet the requirements of the task. Of
course,  it is not always possible act
freely, and not always have the opportunity to start the formation of a team
from scratch. The easiest way to work in a team consisting of two people,
because of the ease of communication. In larger teams, people tend to messy
communications, which leads to disorganization and the feeling that a lot of
time is wasted. With the increase in the number of teams, the number of
interactions between its members is growing even faster.

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 For the effective work of the team, all its members should be aware of the links between goals, methods of work and tasks. Goals should be clear, focused and should create an understanding of the methods of work and tasks that will lead to success.  In order to clearly set and solve the tasks of the team, it is necessary to take into account the diversity of expectations provided by the objectives of the team. You should also think about the dilemmas associated with the goals. For example, on the one hand, the range of problems should be clear, and on the other hand, that flexibility and variability are needed to adapt to changing circumstances.Each member should feel his participation in the common cause, everyone should feel themselves  an integral part of a single team. This allows  to significantly increase the productivity of not only individual members, but the entire team. A team that works in a single key is much more professionally effective than several individualists. The member can assemble a team of the highest level players, but this does not guarantee that the team will play properly. In practice it has long been proven that the average composition, but organized and united by a common idea, the collective can successfully resist the team.  Speaking about an effective team, it is not correct to leave aside the figure of the leader himself. It is the leader that is the fundamental element of any effective team.  The leader of the team must initially be the leader. Some believe that the leader is initially the leader, but this is not entirely true. Each member of the team, one way or another, shares the role of the leader in a formal or informal way. Each team member should try to consider himself as a leader and understand how his words and actions affect others. There are always people who make it easier than others. If those who do it better can take the change, those who are more cautious or not sure of themselves will learn from their teammates, watching their actions. Thus, after a while everyone will be able to take the leadership on themselves, which will allow the team to move forward faster. Therefore, every progressive leader should pay special attention to the corporate culture, which would become a link between all members of the team.  To sum up the report, it should be said that the team is embraced by a common idea, it is charged to achieve the goal, then it is already oriented not only to material benefits. Practically for every person admiration of his idea, the approval of his good work is important. The more a person has professional experience, the more important is recognition for him. Only a person who is really appreciated can and wants to realize his full potential. If you need an effective team, you can take different steps to create. In this case, the incentive is very important.