Duel the word associated to that picture. But


Duel pics is a visually striking smartphone puzzle game
which is available on both iOS and Android devices. While the game is
completely free to play there are some in-app purchases such as extra moves or
gold coins will require payment. If you are not willing to purchase you can
turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s

First time opening the app actually gives a really nice
impression, there is an option to login with an email or a Facebook account
that helps you keep your progress saved online across multiple devices. Or if
you just want to start playing straightaway without getting in the hassle to
login there is an option to play as a guest. Just enter in your name and start

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The premise is fairly simple – just tap on the tiles to
reveal parts of the picture hiding beneath and guess the word associated to
that picture. But don’t let that fool you because the game can be quite

Developed by DOTLOL, this free-to-play puzzler blends
imagination with creativity, creating a game that demands fast thinking and
forward planning.

This game keeps you thinking that’s for sure. When I get
stuck I might get frustrated, but when I finally complete the puzzle I’m super
stoked.  It’s just exciting and
entertaining to pass through the levels. You can’t stop yourself from
progressing through the thematic categories that are unlocked after some
specific levels.

Research states that solving puzzles helps raise the IQ
(intelligence quotient) level of the player. Duel Pics force the solver to
think and reason. Furthermore, the player uses their general knowledge, memory,
spatial imagery, logic and problem-solving skills. The intellect sharpens by
learning how to overcome challenges.

Some of the main Features of this game:

• Match colored gems, uncover letters, and spell powerful

• Play more than 150 levels!

• Play solo and unlock levels

• Try the Duel mode! Are you smarter than your friends?

• Use unique power-ups and special boosters such as bomb,
joker, bonus letter, cleaning and discovery

• Enjoy stunning graphics

• Free and easy to play, challenging to master

• Collect special rewards by referring a friend or by
completing an offer

• Easily sync your progress across multiple devices

• Play in English and French


The best thing about this game is it is suitable for children
as well as adults of all age. In children, Duel Pics enhance their ability to
visualize and understand. Certain subject areas can also be enhanced through
the use of this game such as learning and recognizing the alphabets, colors,
shapes, numbers and various categories that objects may belong to. In adults,
the advanced level of puzzles enhances their language skills, vocabulary,
spelling and research skills

Tough ads are a not so frequent in Duel Pics and they do not
interfere with gameplay in any way, usually popping up in between levels, in
addition to a banner on the bottom while playing, you can still remove them by
paying a minimal amount that not only remove ads but also give you some in-game

There is only a small drawback that there is no exit button
provided in the application and it does not close even by tapping the back key
multiple times. Other than that, it’s a great time killer. I would highly
recommend this game to everyone who loves to be challenged!