Due out ways to maximize their profits.

Due to the Industrial Revolution. Motives such as economic, political, and technological advancements helped assist in the growth of 19th century imperialism in Africa. Economics was the main motive of Imperialism in Africa. By the cause of Imperial governments such as Great Britain, and France seeking out ways to maximize their profits. Purely financial considerations. Money invested in “backwards” countries (Palmer, J.J., Joel Colton 647). This is referring to the idea of investing money in areas in Africa that were poor and that they thought were not as technologically advanced as people in Europe. Being able to take control of these places, meant that they were able to control the market and demand cheap labor. By having this access they were capable of controlling what was sold or bought in the market. All this meant that the Imperialists could further their economies, for the cheap labor and natural resources. And all of these things such as the natural resources could be found in Africa which made it an ideal colony. European life required material goods, many of which only tropical regions could supply….. Europe and its textile mills relied for its cotton increasingly on Africa… Rubber from Africa and petroleum became staple needs (Palmer, J.J., and Joel Colton 646-7). The arrival of  the Industrial Revolution created an enormous market for raw materials in Europe. Imperial governments and private companies turned to their colonies to satisfy this demand. Europe was very much in need and want of a great deal of natural resources and raw materials in Africa to satisfy those demands. The convergence of cheap labor, new transport technologies, plentiful water and coal, and captive imperial markets gave the industries of northern Britain a period of global dominance (Jackson, Ashley 28). Thes global dominance and control that Europe had made them more and more powerful. Great Britain along with other countries in Europe knowing that if they had a colony in Africa it would hugely impact their economies in big ways. How it would change is that having people doing your work for less money and having no choice would make it faster and easier to produce the goods whenever they needed. Because of the Industrial Revolution economics was a major factor for Imperialism in Africa.