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A large number of Americans believe that drug abuse is not a problem to them and they have a misconception that drug users belong to a different society from theirs or that drug abuse is not associated with their society. This is a very wrong perception since almost three quarters of drug users are usually the employed people. Majority of the Americans also believe that a large number of people who normally use drugs are the ones who commit crime and are among the nation’s social problem that is pressing hard.

Drug use and its consequences is so threatening to the Americans in terms of social-economic background, geographical region, education level, ethnic and racial identity (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Drug abuse has proven to be a major social problem in the US with the social cost of drug use becoming long standing. Despite the possible solutions to the problem, the misuse of drugs will remain a part of the human condition.

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The task of looking for a solution of drug abuse is more intricate and in some ways more challenging (Resnik, par 1) In the US, the greatest number of people crowding the nation’s prison and jail are drug abusers. At the mid of 1996, the total number of inmates in federal prisons was 1,019, 281 and 518, 492 were in jail. In 1994, 59. 5% of federal prisoners were drug offenders and 22. 3% of inmates were in the prison.

Most of the drug offenders who are normally imprisoned are locked up for having more drugs that possibly could have been consumed by an individual, distributing the drugs or those committing serious crimes related to drug sales (National Institute on Drug Abuse). Approximately 40% of adults in the United States and Canada will at some point use illegal drugs in their lives and this is in exclusion of use of alcohol or prescribed medicines.

Research also shows that many people normally abuse more than one illegal drug at a time which is a very serious problem. Many normally use drugs with a mentality of getting ‘high’, relieving stress and emotion problems but unfortunately they forget that this does not change anything but instead it worsens the situation because of the negative effects that follows later (Nissl, par 12-13). Groups on High Risk of Drug Abuse in the US There are different groups of people that are at high risk of drug abuse in the United States.

The US has been driving much of the world’s research and drug policy agenda and stands out with high use of alcohol, cocaine and cannabis despite punitive illegal drug policies. Research shows that there is gender and social economic differences in both legal and illegal drug use. In this case, men that have used legal and illegal were more likely than women. Also, young adults were more likely to have used drugs of all kinds than older adults. In addition, single adults reported to have used tobacco, marijuana, and cocaine and not alcohol were more likely than married persons (Warner, par 10-12).