Each small and not as dominating, unlike in

Each paragraph consists of just one lengthy sentence; this makes it easier for the reader to understand the key points. Also simple punctuation is used, such as full stops, commas and speech marks. Article two is taken from The Telegraph newspaper. This is a broadsheet paper. As soon as we first see the article there are lots of differences to note. The headline differs from the headline in The Sun. In this article the headline is “Drug gangs in vicious war, says police chief”. The subject is dissimilar to that in article one. We are told about a “vicious war” and the headline doesn’t focus on Pc Dunne’s murder.

Although it does include a statement from a member of the police force, this is similar to in article one The headline is small and not as dominating, unlike in article one. It is this size as the writers want to fit in more information into the article. This headline is a blunt statement of fact, whereas the headline in article one uses a rhetorical question, and focuses on Pc Dunne’s death. Also the headline in article two doesn’t try to evoke any feelings from the reader, it just informs us and tries to make us aware of the “vicious war”.

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There is a picture used in this article and it is passport-sized. Pc Dunne has a solemn face in this photo. Unlike in article one, this photo would not be used in a family album. Reasons for using a passport sized photo would be that the article is factual, and the photo blends in with the article. The photo is also small and not emotive meaning more text can be included within the article and the photo is not used to evoke any feelings. The caption in this article is “Pc Patrick Dunne: went to investigate shots.

” This is noticeably different to the headline in article one “BRAVE BOBBY: murdered in the streets. ” In article one we immediately know he has been murdered from the caption, whereas in article two we do not find out this information from the caption. A reason for this is, that in article one the murder is greatly exaggerated, however in article two it is discussed as a link between gang warfare and the possible arming of the police force. The text is organised into three columns. It is clearly arranged and easy to read.

The information can also be put into three main sections. There are three key issues dealt with in the article: the death of the policeman, the arming of the police force, and the problem of drug-related gang warfare. The issues are not put into an order though, unlike article one. Another difference between article one and two, is the writers in article two go into more detail about Pc Dunne’s death, and are more concerned with issues arising from his death; not just about the shooting. This article also includes a selection of quotes from three different people.

This is effective as we get lots of information and detail within the article. There are very few words and expressions used to describe Pc Patrick Dunne. These are “Pc Patrick Dunne and “the man”. These terms show that the writers refer to Pc Dunne formally and with respect. Also, the words differ from the expressions used in article one; they are not used in order to evoke sympathy from the reader or to create a dramatic atmosphere. The phrases used to describe the manner in which Pc Dunne died are blunt and straight to the point: “the killing” and “shot”.

This is in contrast to article one, where the words were exaggerated and embellished. The writers use a combination of sentence structures in this article. For example there are many complex sentences e. g. in paragraph one, and some simple sentences e. g. in paragraph nine. The writers also use a variety of complex punctuation. For example, colons, semi colons, commas, exclamation marks and full stops. Sophisticated vocabulary is used in this article. These include: “indiscriminately”, “lucrative”, “and derivative”.

The language is more formal, and less exaggerated than in article one. Also it is factual, and helps to provide a descriptive account of the murder and the other key issues. I think that article two is more effective than article one. I believe this as it reports the facts in a detailed, well-researched manner. Unlike in article one, it doesn’t include words to directly affect the reader; we are just informed about what is important. In comparison to article one, it contains more sophisticated, but not exaggerated, vocabulary.