Dr.ZhivagoPages: first part progresses, the reader learns of

Dr.ZhivagoPages: 1-72Chapters: – Part 1 o Chapter 1o Chapter 2o Chapter 3 o Chapter 4- Part 2 o Chapter 1o Chapter 2o Chapter 3 o Chapter 4o Chapter 5 o Chapter 6o Chapter 7o Chapter 8 o Chapter 9 o Chapter 10 o Chapter 11 Summary:  Part 1 of the book talks about various different characters and gives a little insight into the past which made them who they are at the introduction of the book. Most of part 1 is based on the fact that CJ lost his mother and is mourning by her day by day (Pasternak, 1957, p.13). Later we find out that the Yura’s father abandoned him long ago and his mom had been lying to him about this for years, however, he remains oblivious to this information (Pasternak, 1957, p.5). As the first part progresses, the reader learns of how his Uncle, a writer, is forced by his publisher to edit his work in order to avoid getting into legal trouble. In Part 1, there is also a man who commits suicide at a railroad and the author hints at this man possibly being Yura’s father.  Part 2 introduces many different characters and takes place during a time period where Russia is at war with Japan. Amalia is the main character in the second part and she is a widow who has 2 children and is starting a business following the advice of her late husband’s lawyer friend. Then it is learned that Amelia has slept with multiple men and her daughter, Lara, is forced into a dance with the lawyer who seems to also have relations with her mother (Pasternak, 1957, p.29). The lawyer kisses Lara and makes her feel ashamed of herself for allowing it. Lara’s need to prove that she is in fact grown leads to her forming a relationship with this lawyer and continuously hating herself for it. Violence breaks out in their neighborhood due to protests by workers against the Russian government (Pasternak, 1957, p.59). By the end of the part, it is realized that the lawyer has led both Amelia, Lara’s mom, and Yura’s father to commit suicide. Character Development:  The first character introduced was Yura and he is made to seem as a very fragile young boy who is troubled by the death of his mother and absence of his father, however, he becomes stronger as the story develops. Meanwhile, Lara is seen as growing from being hesitant to becoming very defying of authority and societal expectations, however, she regrets this at the end of part 2. Amelia is seen as being very ‘erratic’ but also a hardworking woman who cares about her reputation and image in front of others. Lastly, lawyer Komarovsky is discovered to be the man who drives Yura’s dad to death and also drives Amelia to commit suicide. He is clearly becoming one of the antagonists in the story.Historical Context:  During this part of the book, Russia is at war with Japan and this takes place in 1904 (Britannica, 2018). Seeing as Russia was gaining enough power to wage these wars, Theodore Roosevelt became more and more aware of the need to prevent Russia from becoming more powerful. The book describes a time filled with political tension and a large-scale violation of freedom of speech in Russia. It is known that US anti-Russian feelings led to the Red Scare in 1917. The book also shows laborers fighting against the government which will eventually lead to the Revolution of 1905.