Domestic women and the victims of domestic

Domestic violence is considered as one of the most prevalent problems in the present society, specifically in the United States. The occurrence of the crime and it spreading effect caused advocacy of different groups in the society. The consciousness regarding the issue related to violence in the home can be considered as a complex problem that covers different aspects such as women and children as well. Occurrence of the different forms and types of domestic violence caused alarm that mobilized the society.

The action and attention given to the domestic violence cases was known to have been initiated in the latter part of the 20th century when cases were reported. The issue on domestic violence comes in many forms. One is on the basis is the victims of violence. The most prevalent victims are the women which are involved in the relationship and the children as well. Although this is the case, men can also be victims in cases such as same sex relationships (Baker, Carlin, Price, & Salazar, 2003).

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The domestic violence cases opened the eyes of society into the need for protection of the members of the family and people residing under the same roof. The cases that have women as victims dominated the cases relating to domestic violence, in fact, the advocacy of the protection of women against this type of crime initiated the fight against domestic violence in the 90’s. The fight started in the United Nation’s conference in 1980 that focused on the experiences of violence undertaken by women in the family.

Through the realization of the need for protection of the women and the victims of domestic violence, the development of the organizations that focus and give attention to the issue was undertaken (Bureau of Justice, 2003). The actions that was undertaken and initiated during the latter part of the 20th century involve the different aspects of the issue on domestic violence. The resolution on domestic violence can be viewed on the basis of the social, medical and legal aspects on the basis of both the suspect and the victim.

The social aspect is involved in the occurrence of the domestic violence in the society as affected by the different personal and interpersonal interactions and relationships. Another view is related to the medical and psychological considerations for both the perpetrator and the victim of the action. The particular aspect tackles the physiological and scientifically based factors that can be related to committing violence and the application of interventions that can result to the ceasing of domestic violence.

The legal aspect of the domestic violence is related to the protection that can be accessed by the victims to be able to fight the perpetrators of the crime. On the other hand, the legal aspect is also engaged in the punishment that should be duly given to the violators and the parties responsible for domestic crime committed (Roberts, 2002; Shipway, 2004). The actions undertaken by the authorities were initiated when the cases of domestic violence were increasingly becoming one of the cases that caught the attention of the public.

Based on the survey that was conducted by the Commonwealth Fund in relation to the health of women in the society, the domestic aspect being the most important aspect, the domestic violence is now affecting a large percentage of the population. Based on the results, there are approximately 960,000 events in that can be classified as domestic violence that involves women in the society. The violators are often the partners with violations of different forms. The cases that involves women tally to about 3 million (1999). The results of these surveys are the main reasons for concern of the different groups in the society.

The increasingly critical state of domestic violence affects women and children compared to other members of the family. Due to this fact, the actions against domestic violence were initiated for the violence against women. The objectives of the advocacy against domestic violence greatly target the cases that involve violations against women. One of the earliest actions undertaken by the government in response to the increasing prevalence and occurrence of domestic violence is the federal legislation Violence Against Women Act, also referred to as the VAWA.

The said legislation was voted for in the congress in 1994. The main focus of the VAWA is the provision of legal action and protection for abused women. Another aim is the focus on the punishment intended for the violators and the perpetrators of the different forms of violations (Roberts, 2002). Action such as the establishment of organizations establishment of different policies that targets the resolution of the problems related to domestic violence is one of the main method undertaken by the state, specifically the Congress, against the violence at home.

The continued action both of the public and private sectors including actions such as subsidy and financial support for the research regarding the issue as well as the information dissemination to be able to achieve the knowledge for the public to be empowered to be able to prevent the exponential increase in the occurrence of these type of cases. Although different actions are being undertaken both by the local and international authorities and organizations to be able to prevent and find solutions to the problems on domestic violence, there are still different aspects of the complex issue that need attention.

One of the Primary aspects that are needed to be put into focus is the coverage and definition of the cases defined as domestic violence. Another is the focus on the trend in the occurrence of cases that can be considered as domestic violence. The straightening of the issues such as domestic abuse and battering being considered as the major contributing cases in the rise of the incidents of domestic abuse and the studies being undertaken by different groups is another important aspect in the study covering domestic violence.

Due to the detrimental effects of the occurrence of violence in the household, the study pertaining to any area in related to the issue can be considered essential not only for the prevention and solution but for the accumulation and addition of the knowledge on domestic violence. Such collection of the baseline information, data and statistical studies will provide researchers and specialist knowledge basis for comparative studies for in depth analysis of the issue. The issues related to domestic violence covers an extensive field that needs to be understood on both the analytical and descriptive level.

In the study, it is then essential to consider the presentation of the different aspect of the issue prior to the presentation of the specific focus of the study. In this note, it is important to present an overview of the issues relating to the topic. Thus, one of the objectives of the research to be conducted is the presentation of the different issues related to domestic violence including the definition on the basis of varying points of view. The potential victims of the violence at home are also another topic that can be included, covering women and children as the majority.

The statistical occurrence of the different factors in the issue is also covered. The main importance of the study is the presentation of s different perspective in the issue of domestic violence. Although studies regarding the issue are continuously being undertaken by different group both in the local and international community, the importance of an alternative point of view is essential for the analytical study of the issue, which goes for other issues in the society as well.

Also due to the fact that the victims of these times of violations continuously are in need of the advocacy and the knowledge regarding the possible areas of violations, the increase of knowledge being pooled is imperative for consciousness regarding the issue. This is done both for defense and the vigilance against the violence that can affect any member of the community. Objectives of the Study The study revolves around the presentation of the data related to domestic violence in the United States. The study is to be undertaken through a descriptive method of research involving the different aspect related to domestic violence.

Analytical conclusions will be drawn out from the general to specific establishment of the data gathered. Specifically then, upon the establishment of the different notions that can be considered significant to the study, the focus of the research is mainly on the women as the victim of the abuse in the household. The study will cover the causes and effects of the domestic violence on women. Also, the statistical data on the basis of the horizontal trends of occurrence of cases of women victims of violence in the household are also included. The aim is to cover a specified period of study.

In addition to the mentioned areas, another aspect of aimed study is the comparative analysis of the domestic violence that occurs in the different groups and specifically on the basis of ethnicity and race. In the United States, there are different ethnic groups that can be the basis of the study. These groups are the white American females, the African American females and the Hispanic females that mostly dominate the southern part of the region. Also, another basis of the study is the age groups of the subjects that are taken into consideration.