Do oriented change’s in socio-economic condition’s and health

Do we really need to think beyond our
contemporary thoughts that we generally came up with while shaping our future
discourse. The varying transitional rates , changing nature of demographic behaviour
and the socio-cultural modernity has emerged as a challenge
for demographers and the research associated with it. What the Malthusians were
worried about has now resulted in  a different
debate due to its changing discourse of demographic
dynamics . With merging of various allied fields in
interdisciplinary approach it has shaped the dimensions of
demography in  a broader context and
extended beyond the boundaries of demographic discourse. The
debate has become a challenging  phenomena
where the future of the discourse is at stake because all that we have from
structural changes to demographic transition has been thoroughly dispersed
through the literature. Generally a laymen’s perspective understands demography
through fertility, mortality and migration but the dimension’s have enlargened
in different domain’s particularly with the co-existence of  sustainable development approach and policy
attitude hence broadening the new dimension’s of research. The debate from
classical to contemporary period has resulted in emergence of numerous research
agenda’s therefore shaping the discourse subject of
demographic studies. While changing population dynamics and demographic
behaviour has made it development oriented change’s in socio-economic  condition’s and health aspect’s has lead to emergence
of public health and economic domain’s in the field. Another aspect is explored
based on country level effect’s while the numerous other domain’s  have been included to broaden the scope of
the subject.

            Though the debate has been on since Malthusian era but
the discourse has got reshaped  particularly
between the period of “Population bomb”
to “Capital in the 21st century”.
Contemporary research in the field has come up with many new issues to explore through
the availability of large scale surveys and demographic data but the classical
demography shows  its existence little
beyond it . Thus the idea in the present paper is  to assess the nature of interrelationship
between population dynamics in shaping the demographic discourse and its
approach towards development hence the study is a comparative analysis of
existing literature to understand the dynamics of changing demographic behaviour
and its correlation with the economic development through analysing the
priori of demo-economic factors on each other particularly focussing .from
demographic perespective.

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