To him like trees or random objects saying

To Muslim, Islam is life, it is submission to Allah. Islam is the world’s third biggest religion with the most followers, which is increasing by the years. It sprang from the same root as the other two, Judaism and Christianity. “Islam” is an Arabic word which means “surrender” or “commitment”. Islam is a religion of submission. Its followers “Muslim” are “those who commit themselves in surrender to the will of Allah (God). Islam is also a religion which emphasizes success and therefore it is militantly missionary religion.

Conscious of a glorious past and with the newly-acquired power of the Muslim oil-rich states, she is set to conquer the worlds. Muslim believes that she meets all mankind’s religious and spiritual needs. Islam traces its origin to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was born in the city of Mecca, Arabia, about Ad 571. Orphaned at an early age, Muhammad (pbuh) was looked after by a succession of relatives. Eventually at the age of 25, to his surprise, he was proposed to by a wealthy widow of 40 named Khadija.

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Together they got three daughters but no son. Muhammad (pbuh) tended to go to the mountain to retrieve his thoughts about life et cetera. At the age of 40, Muhammad (pbuh) has noticed that miraculous things used to happened around him like trees or random objects saying “a salaam alaqoem”- the greeting of Muslim to each other- that was his topic in the mountain named: something, where the angel (Gabriel) appeared and told Muhammad (pbuh) to read. However Muhammad (pbuh) didn’t know how to read. Gabriel- Iqra’ bismi rabbikal ladhie galaq Read!

In the name of your Lord, who made you and all the others Galaqal Insaana min’ alaq Men made of blood clots Iqra’ wa rabbukal akram Read! As your Lord is most forgiven This Soera is from Djoez Amma, which literally means blood clot and is the first Soera to ever arrive on Earth. You can say it’s the beginning of a new religion. After that Muhammad (pbuh) started to learn how to read, write Arabic for 3 years. Exactly how Gabriel told him to. Then he could tell the people about Islam and spread it out. He only had a few followers.

Which gradually expanded to 500,000,000 Muslim, There are more in depth stories and Hadith on Muhammad (pbuh) life and how he spreader Islam. However I sadly don’t know all of them. THE QUR’AN Soon after the death of Muhammad (pbuh), the revelations which he had received were put together from oral and written sources to form the Qur’an. The Authorized Version written in Arabic was prepared about AD 650 under the third caliph Uthman. Muslim believes that the Qur’an is the reliable Word of Allah sent down from heaven and that nothing or no one can chance it.

Simply to recite it in the original, whether understood or not, bring the Muslim grace (Baraka). Next in importance to the Qur’an is the Hadith (tradition), which is the record of the life and activities of Muhammad and the early Muslim communities. It contains the Sunna (example) of the Prophet (pbuh), the standard which all the Muslims should follow. Qur’an and Sunna have combined to form the Shari’s (law), an extraordinarily comprehensive guide to life. The set of guide lines of Allah is central to the Qur’an.

Like the Bible, the Qur’an assumes the existence of God and does not argue for it. Allah is one and unique, with neither partners nor equals. He I good and all-powerful, as can be seen from signs of Allah’s magnificent power. However, although the Qur’an affirms that Allah rules over all, it also teaches hat man has responsibility. The Qur’an states that to Allah belong the most beautiful names and as Islam developed; the names of Allah came to play an important role. Ninety-nine in total, among all of them the most important are: “the Great”, “the Merciful”, “the Disposer” and “Deity”.