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Dinah Shore had many jobs, talk show host, singer, and actress. She lived till the age of 77, and here is her story. She was born on February 29,1916 to Anna and Solomon Shore, in Tennessee. Her original name was Frances Rose Shore, but it was changed later on. When she was 18 months old, she was said to of had a dangerous disease, polio. She was cured, but only after she went through the “Sister Kenny Treatment” it is also said that she was just on bed rest and was unable to get treatment. Sadly, she was left with a “deformed foot and limp.” Which was said to be part of the reason she was so quiet and shy. When she was 16, her mother died from a heart attack, and through this hard time you can still see that Dinah did great things with her life.  Later on,she went to high school, which was named “Hume-Fogg High School” she went to Vanderbilt University, where she began to study sociology. Along the way, she left Tennessee to pursue her acting career.  She reportedly tried out to sing for people like Benny Goodman, but was rejected from every place she tried out for. She did end up becoming a solo singer, but before all this happened, she was picked to be on a radio show, where she sang and hosted for many years. She first appeared on CBS radio in 1939 with Ben Bernie’s Orchestra. She was quickly picked up by NBC Radia, where she would perform traditional songs. One of her famous records was “Dinah’s Blues” she sang lots of blues and dixieland music in the start. From there her career only went up, she would continue to sing, and be one many TV shows such as the “Ed Wynn Show” (her first TV appearance) and she ended up getting her own show called “The Dinah Shore Show.” Throughout the years, her progress showed and she won 9 emmys! Along with a few more awards after that. Every artist seems to have a signature move or thing that they do, for her it was a kiss. At the end of each show she would turn to the camera and make a kiss. I’m not sure why she did it, but i’m assuming it was just her signature move. I am not certain who exactly inspired her to do all this, all I can tell you is that she did it for herself. She knew what hard work could accomplish, and after going on the radio for the first time she knew she wanted to have a career in the arts. (ADD WHERE SHE PERFORMED INFO HERE)  The main reason I choose this artist is because I wanted to look into the life of a female, who was able to make it on her own, without being in a band or group. The more I looked into her the more my interest for her grew, because it almost seemed like she lived the dream life. She had so many talents and even when she had hard times in her life, she always pushed through, to me that is very inspiring. I ended up listening to a handful of her songs, and my favorite is called “Buttons and Bows.” I enjoy the simpleness it has, and it’s just an easy song to listen to because her voice fits so nicely with it. In her personal life we learn that she married twice, but neither relationship lasted. However she did have two children. In the end she died on February 24, 1994.She had been battling  ovarian cancer and reportedly passed in her Beverly Hills home. She lived a great life, and accomplished many things. Only a short while ago, I knew only of her name, only a bit has passed and I will always hold respect for her, and remember that if you set your mind to something, as she did, then you can do it.