Different of food . Some of this nutrients

Different nutrients are supplied from a range of food . Some of
this nutrients tool up energy, while others are important for growth and
maintenance of the body. Dietary factors such as Carbohydrates, proteins and
fats are macronutrients, which we require to eat in comparatively in large
amounts in the diet as they supply our bodies with energy and also the building
blocks for growth and maintenance of a healthy body. Vitamins and minerals are
micronutrients, which are only required in small amounts, but they are majors
to keep us well. There are also some of this factors component is not
accurately ‘nutrients’ but are substantial for health such as water and fibers.
Normal  people should be able to obtain
all the nutrients they require by eating a healthy diet, although there are a
few exceptions. For example, women want to become pregnant are advised  to take a folic acid supplement to block
deformities such as spina bifida developing in their baby (Lutz et al.,


The public health diseases in the
western society are influenced by the dietary factors. Diseases as coronary
heat, stroke and caners maybe cause death and live disability. Most of these
diseases can be conserved by dietary manipulation. Coronary heart disease and
stroke thrombosis can be affected by the dietary factor which can regulate the
blood lipids and oxidation tendency . There is also some proof  that dietary factors can be helpful in reducing
 the symptoms of disease, the
inflammatory process in rheumatoid arthritis can be detected by insert fish in
the diet (Mera, 1994).

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Most significant
factors participate to cancer risk is diet, relationship between diet and
cancer is related to genetic factor (Bingham & Riboli, 2004).

In many situation
a high consumption of fruits and vegetables has been linked with reduced risks
of considerable cancers, but new potential studies indicate these
associations may have been exaggerated. Among the factors in fruits and
vegetables that have been studied in connection to cancer risk, a former study highly
support a benefit of higher folic acid consuming in decrease risks of colon and
breast cancers. These findings have been uphold by an association between
incidence of colon cancer and a polymorphism in the gene for
methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, an enzyme involved in folic acid metabolism.
Many other part of diet are hypothesized to effect the risks of cancers in
Western countries, but for this purpose, the evidence is unclear (Walter
& Willett, 2017).