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Did you know that the Renaissance started as a cultural movement in Italy during the late Medieval period? It all begin during the middle age, from the fourteenth to the seventh century and later migrated to the rest of Europe. The renaissances was a time period in the middle age involving significant beauty and art. It was the age of exploring, new creativity and curiosity. One of the best inventions made was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450. His invention of the Printing press was very valuable to Europe. It allowed new ideas to expand quicker and farther and helped communications, to occur much easier throughout all of Europe. The meaning of the renaissance was to rebirth and try to recreate and improve the classical models of ancient Greek and Rome.The Voyage of many great explores, brought the light of new path ways and routes to Asia and the Muslim empire, that were controlling the Silk road land and water trade routes. Explorer’s that made an impact during the renaissance were Christopher Columbus, Vespucci, Ponce de Leon, Marco Polo, De Soto and Balboa during the Renaissance. One of the most well-known explorer Marco Polo brought inventions and new ideas to Europe during the renaissance. Things he introduced to Europe were pasta, spices, money, gunpowder, Lenses, coal and silk. Another explorer was Christopher Columbus, he went to discover the unknow with an idea of finding a new route to Asia. He led three ships out to sea with him, so that he could trade spices, Jewelry and pearls. The ships that Columbus led had went the wrong way and ended up running into America.   During the beginning of trade, navigation had still been an imprecise science and explorers were able to go much further than they had been able to before, because of the compass. Tools that were helpful for explorers were the magnetic compass and the astrolabe. The astrolabe is a portable device used by explorers to help them find their way.  In 1492 a trip to the east made by sailing west around the globe had brought Columbus to the Americas. Europe was influenced by renaissance art, it helped increased awareness of nature, a revival of classic learning, and a more individualistic image of men. Paintings were a very important part in the Catholic Church, the artists who were responsible for creating these significant paintings were Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donato Bramante etc. Northern renaissance painters were more focused on detailed reproduction of objects and there particular meaning, than with the study of scientific perspective. Jan Van Eyck was one of them, he invented the oil painting technique during the renaissance, but it wasn’t until later that central Italian painters started to adopt this method. Philosophy was another important part of the middle age history; a very good philosopher was Michel de Montaigne. He was one the greatest philosophers of the entire French renaissance, he’s known for influencing a lot of western writers like Frances Bacon, Jean- Jacques Rousseau and William Shakespeare. Even after Montaigne death his essays were read and his beliefs towards cultural relativism and criticism were understanding on both sides.