Destitution issue, there are some issues only

Destitution has dependably been an
issue. Destitute is an issue in light of the fact that to live you needn’t
bother with a home however everybody ought to have the privilege to feel
ensured and be secured and to live in a protected situation with loved ones and
to have abundant nourishment and water. Individuals can turn into a down and
out for an assortment of reasons. One reason might be on account of the
individual may have originated from a poor family living in an effectively
ruined region. Another reason is a result of neediness, which is a typical reason
in the matter of why individuals end up plainly down and out or destitute.

This study examined how destitute women
learned to survive in their daily lives. Their connections contributed
excessively a number quite some time of unsettling encounters and nonstop
transitional circumstances. Every woman trailed a progression of complex road
smarts, but each inevitably faced an obliterating choice that served as the
inspiration for a learning experience that brought about an empowering change. Women are poorer than men because
they are often denied equal rights and opportunities, lack access to assets,
and do not have the same entitlements as men. They also carry the burden of
reproductive and care work and represent the majority of unpaid labour. Women
are more likely to go hungry because of their unequal access to education,
employment, resources and social services. Some societies also consider women
weak, deeming them unfit for certain tasks, (Pearce, 2001).

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Although many of us think
destituteness is rare, living without access to stable housing is more common
than you think. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, 1 in 194 people in the U.S. will experience destituteness
at some point over a year-long period. As of 2015, there were about 565,000
destitute people living in the United States on any given night. It’s estimated
that women comprise a little fewer than 40% of that population. But that number
may shift. Women and families are the fastest growing segment of the destitute
population, with 85% of destitute families headed by single women. Though
destituteness is not only a women’s issue, there are some issues only destitute
women have to navigate, which deserves attention and action, (Dupere, 2011).

In the Philippines, particularly
in Metro Manila has the highest homeless population in the world. The usual
image of homeless or destitute people in Metro Manila is sleeping in karitons,
below the bridges, and flyover, and in covered sidewalks and pavements.
Destitute women are at higher risk for physical abuse, sexual harassment,
mental disabilities, and prostitution. It was estimated that there were up to
500,000 prostitutes due to poverty that led to homelessness, (Sescon, 2015).

Locally, in Davao del Norte,
destitute people are observed and some of them are women who face many
challenges on the streets. Destitute women have few strategies by which they
can earn money to meet their basic needs through asking money in crowded place,
stores and houses. Some women find that exchanging sex for food, clothing, and
shelter is their only chance of survival on the streets. The researchers would
determine how the destitute women manage to survive in their daily lives and
what their strategies in surviving are. Thus, this study is conducted.