Desirable:The same as having an official track record

Desirable:The first characteristic listed as desirable is the ability to apply advanced statistical techniques. This is likely because the main expectation of the research and evaluation officer is observe, analyse, and investigate their existing services and programmes. The psychology course I am currently studying includes several research methods and statistics modules. This has given me experience with a range of statistical techniques, including basic, intermediate and advanced. I feel this ability would give me an advantage over other applicants applying for this position.The next two desirable points are things I don’t have as much experience with. Although, I don’t have an official track record of successful project management or experience of project management I do have examples of times I have displayed these abilities in my previous positions. I do realise, however, this is not exactly the same as having an official track record of successful project management or concrete job experience of project management, so this is an aspect I would need to work on if I were to pursue a job like this in the future.The fourth desirable trait was experience using both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Whilst studying my psychology degree I have had the opportunity to make use of both types of research techniques and am aware of how to use the different kinds of analysis associated with each. I have consistently used both qualitative and quantitative research techniques over the last few years with my degree so feel comfortable that I would be able to transfer my experience with them to a work setting. In relation to the last detail listed as desirable, I do have a full driving license. I passed my test a number of years ago so would describe myself as a confident driver. Although I do not own a car personally I do have access to one and to other forms of transportation so I would likely be able to meet the full requirements of the post in this regard.