The These commodities involve food and shelter as

The national organization of caring for the values mostly given attention by the society today through voluntary services is that of the Department of Social Services. Likely, their existence in the society makes it easier for the entire human society within the communities that they serve to be able to garner the most basic commodities that they need for life. These commodities involve food and shelter as well as medication. Having them operate within the current tumultuous situations in the society makes the earth a more livable place.

It is through this particular organization that the needs of people are given fine attention by the government. The Objectives of the Organization As a major organization that handles the needs of the society, the American Department of Social Services sees to it that the major issues about human needs in the society is well attended to. The said needs are divided into several points of concentration that involves the different divisions of people needing support in the society.

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The divisions are as follows: Child Foster Care Services Child Abuse and Neglect Services Family Support Services Elderly Assistance Services Health Care Services With these objectives in mind, the administration of the organization actually intends to make it certain that each division of the population in the society receives the attention that they need to be able to exist in the communities that they are living in.

it is also the aim of this particular organization to handle the needs of immigrants transferring to the country who are usually in need of assistance with regards community familiarity as well as with their basic needs. The Mission As noted earlier, the Department of Social Service particularly wants to extend help to special groups of people in the population of a certain society that they are involved in.

With this mission in front of them, the organization constantly makes it certain that everything they have outlined to perform for their stakeholders, mainly the community, are seriously attended to at the appointed time as they themselves have scheduled. To attend to the needs of the target audience in the society is the main idea of the establishment of the said organization. Being funded by the government and assisted by commercial organizations, the organization’s mission of providing the society with the finest service that they deserve is not that hard to complete.