Dear subject in my pre-university, I learned

Dear Sir or Madam

have always been interested in how things worked around me: TV remotes to
Computer systems to car automotive actions. I was just 5 years old when my Dad
brought home our first computer. I remember being fascinated by it at that
instant itself. As I grew older, the fascination also grew with me being able
to actually understand the process of major components in it. I started going
through everything there was to assemble based on my requirements: the
processor, number of fans needed for cooling based on the processor, RAMs for
RAM slots, GPU, motherboard, DVD writer, speakers. I also learned to install OS
onto the system by accessing the boot menu. Assembling my personal computer was
one of the main reasons as to why I wanted to pursue engineering rather than
any other field. 

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my 10th grade, I decided to take up Computer Science as my core subject in my
pre-university, I learned a great deal about C Programming and basics of
computer architecture which enabled me to explore more about the aspects involving
the design of a Computer System. This made me ask questions about why and where
do we write the codes to. This curiosity served as an impetus for me to pursue
the field of Electronics and Communication as my undergraduate study in The
National Institute of Engineering, Mysore, ranked 22nd among top engineering
colleges in India.

my under graduation, I have attended many workshops which took place in various
colleges in Mysore. Participating in the Robotics workshop conducted by Robo-minions
during my Sophomore year helped me understand the use of Microcontrollers. I
have implemented Obstacle avoiding bot, Line following bot, RF controlled bot
and DTMF controlled bot on an Atmega microcontroller during this workshop. I
have worked extensively on 2 projects based on Arduino during my under
graduation – One is Home Automation using DTMF technology and the other one is
a complete Parking System with a way to succour the drivers to park properly.
All these projects enhanced my curiosity to understand the intricacies of microcontroller architecture.

Other projects that I have implemented are : Low frequency modulator and
demodulator and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum generation using
PSK. I worked on minor projects like Airline
Ticket system in C++.  As my final
year project, I took up the task of controlling and managing the Indoor Air
Quality with the help of a cloud server, created using CoAP, that keeps a
real-time check on the pollutants . Control measures are automated with the
help of data collected from the server.

my undergraduate program, I learned many subjects; some were more interesting
than the others. Learning about microcontrollers and being able to apply to it
my coding skills was something I really loved doing. After studying 8051 microcontroller, I
gained the knowledge of assembly language and I have designed traffic light
controller in assembly language using Kiel.
I attended many other workshops conducted by various IEEE student branches in
Mysore that enhanced my knowledge on microcontrollers. Taking up Internet of
Things as my elective in third year , I drew a greater interest in Embedded
systems. With the wide areas available in embedded systems itself, I realised,
what I set out to learn is not yet achieved; I still have to- “steal fire and
give it to humanity” like Prometheus. The courses offered in your university
match with my areas of interest and taking up MS program in your institute will
definitely help me achieve what I set out forkk.

I was active in other facets of university life too. I was
on the core team of our quiz club. We have organised quiz fests in our time
here. I have taken part in various quizzes and went on to win a few and learn,
a lot more. I have been a part of our department’s football team throughout my
time here and went on to win the Cup once. I have also been a part of a title
winning chess team here in my institute. These have only increased my ability
to lead and adhere to the team’s need and work efficiently. I had actively
participated in debates conducted by Indian School of Debating Society which
enhanced my ability to research. These also augmented my confidence, poise, and
self-esteem and made me an engaging and active learner.

  I like to learn and understand how things
work in the real world and I always relate theoretical knowledge to practical
aspects around me which will allow me to function well within the graduation
program. When I make mistakes, I am always bold enough to admit to them and
correct myself with the right guidance. I believe that I can be an asset to the
university by gaining academic knowledge and real world experiences from the MS

My ambition to study in country stems from the practical use of the
knowledge that is dearth in a country such as in India. The future of Embedded
System applications in a country like India already looks a lot promising and
will demand a workforce with a specialised skillset. With this degree I would
like to meet this demand and, in the future, be a pioneer in this field by
implementing something different. Furthermore, country’s geographic location
and current economic strength attract industry experts from around the world.
With the notion of idea-sharing in mind, this would be a perfect ground to
establish the next step of my professional career.

I am in search of bringing my career
to the next level. The subjects offered in this program are specifically in
line with my professional goals. Additionally, the mandatory study abroad
semester provides a great grounding in which to further experience divergent
cultures and exchange knowledge. I am certain that the knowledge and skills
learnt from my university, and extracurricular activities would make me a
valuable addition to the Masters of Embedded Systems program offered at
university name.

Thank you in advance for considering
my application,