Dealing that help in reducing the health effect

Dealing with chemicals in a laboratory  can be sometimes harmful if they are misused. All chemicals can be found in one of three stages: solid, liquid, or gas. Knowing the physical states of hazardous chemicals is a fundamentally crucial  factor in understanding their health effects. Fir instance, a gas may easily entre the body by inhalation, while liquids are more likely to be absorbed by the skin. The fact that chemicals may change their state during work processes that involve changes in temperature and pressure provides us a hint to take all possible chemical states into consideration.   There are some chemical risks that have been considered as harmful to someone’s health; three of which: flammable solvents that catch on fire and it has a consequence of causing serious burns , corrosive chemical products are considered to be hazardous and they may lead to eye injury or blindness. Some toxic materials can cause serious health effects by damaging critical body systems and this damage is often irreversible. There are some practices that help in reducing the health effect of hazardous chemicals; wearing respiratory protection, gloves, a coat, and giggles to protect the eye from injuries.  The government plays a good role in protecting human’s health from hazardous chemicals. Some laws have been imposed when it comes into dealing with chemical hazards, such as WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials information System) which applies to “controlled products” that meet the government’s criteria for a hazardous material. The WHMIS regulation requires labelling, material safety data sheets (MSDS) and training for staff who work with controlled products.    Risks: A hazard that poses some level of risk to their healthExposure to hydrogen fluoride in the  neighbourhoodsOperational hazards including blowouts, spills and personal injuryNatural disasters and extreme weather conditions Impact of climate changelikelihood: an  harmful event might occur if lack of safety is foundoutcome: , financial loss, fines imposed by the government  utility:  the factorycasual scenario:  an explosion might happen leaving plenty of losses in different aspects, physical, financial, and so on. hat population affected: death and injuries