David him to be aware of the

David Foster Wallace makes a great
point when he says everyone has an option, he has control of his actions, as
well as what he thinks. Wallace’s speech is relatable to everyone because
anyone has the option to choose. Wallace’s speech shows how one would feel if
someone else took their frustration out on that person, and reminds him to be
aware of the beauty and significance of his surroundings. It is about
awareness, about noticing the water and choosing to believe, and about learning
to be happy while sharing that happiness with others. Merely thinking about
oneself is not an option because those around him are just as important, and are
undoubtedly experiencing trials of their own. A person’s life might be stressful,
but could be a blessing compared to others. Wallace’s speech is relatable to
everyone, because it is the brain’s desire to shut down and not deal with the
world when put under stress. Paying attention to the obvious can help a
person realize that treasures are hidden right in front of them. Everyone
has to “just keep reminding ourselves over and over: ‘This is water, this is
water'” (Wallace).

            “Yet the
spiritual life begins with the acceptance of our wounded self”, it does not
begin with belief, spiritual disciplines, or attendance records (Manning). At
the end of the day God not only cares if one has been productive for the
kingdom of God, but in what ways did he let his wounded self be loved and cared
for. Humans do not like to think of it this way, but many run from God. For one,
the person does not realize how wounded and in need of help he is. Humanity is
prideful and even in his weakest moments, just like the woman at the well, he
is too embarrassed. He hides what he feels himself to be behind some kind of
image, in which he hopes to be more pleasing. He hides behind a pretty face he
puts on for the benefit of others and in time he might even forget that he is
hiding, and think that the false pretty face is what he really looks like. That
is until he encounters Jesus and admits that he is thirsty, desperate, needy,
and lost without Him. Over time he will realize that the reality of the flaws
in his failures has made him unhappy about who he is. Many people take a
microscope to everything that is wrong with them and hide as much as he can
from others thinking that everything always needs to look good. In this world, broken things are despised as worthless,
but God can take what has been broken and remake it into something better,
something that He can use for His glory. Broken things and broken people are
the result of sin. Yet God sent his Son, who was without sin, to be broken so
that we might be healed.

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