Cultural represented the gender and race discrimination and

Cultural production and popular culture may be expressed in different notions and may be supported by various aspects of life. Considering the popular culture of the period after the World War II, the increase of the interest to the cinematography and music may be remembered. Patriotism and nationalist points of view were touched in many movies.

The popular culture of the after war period is also characterized by the music culture which was really popular during that time. Hip hop is not just the music trend, it is the culture with specific ideas, motivations, and beliefs.

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Considering the hip hop culture from the historical perspective it should be mentioned that up to 1970’s this trend in music was oriented mostly on African-Americans and Hispanic population of the country. That is why the main idea of the songs, their ideological direction is understood.

The music in hip hop is aimed as discussing the social problems which exist in the society, the cases of discrimination and other particular problems which are believed to be central for national minorities. Dwelling upon crimes and violence, the representatives of the hip hop culture want to show that the modern society is ill and the further we go in the future, the fewer chances we have for recovery.

For many years hip hop culture represented the gender and race discrimination and was supported only by African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans. However, the situation began to change with the announcement of the quality is right and in the desire to eliminate the cases of any type of discrimination.

However, looking at the development of the hip hop culture, it may be stated that with the change of the ideology in the American society, the hip hop culture did not disappear, it became even wider. More and more people began to be interested in the hip hop culture.

Conducting an analysis of the modern situation in this trend, it is possible to state that more and more people are interested in this direction. The racial problems are still considered in the texts of the songs, but the hip hop culture began to consider other problems which bother the modern society. Thus, the cases of the gender discrimination, violence, and other aspects of injustice in the world are considered as the main idea of hip hop culture for now.

The development of this trend was based on the social, political and cultural changes in the society. It is possible to say that hip hop culture followed the changes in the country and sang about them. The crisis of 2008-2010 was also highlighted in the songs of the representatives of this culture.

Thus, it may be concluded that the main idea of this popular culture is to reflect the societal problems, to dwell upon the ideas which are in the air, but which are not discussed in the proper way in the parliament. Dwelling upon injustice and different types of discrimination, the hip hop culture reflects the situation in the society and tries to show that this very situation is rather depressed.

The society is ill and the government does almost nothing to solve the problems. The hip hop culture and its representatives do all possible to show what is happening in the society. Considering this popular culture from the historical perspective, it is possible to say that social processes are perfectly reflected in hip hop.