There needs to be punished, controlled and

There is no society that has never experienced crime in its lifetime. For example, it is argued that just as the human body has some organs which tend to cause problems to people, the same case applies to societies. There are those people who always engage in activities that cause problems to other people who live within the same society.

Therefore, just as some organs in the body can be removed in order to improve the health of a person, the people who cause problems in the society can also be removed so that the society can be peaceful (Fitzgerald, 2010). Most of the tribes that are characterized by trust and close family ties also encounter similar challenges.

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There are those people who disobey the traditions that are set by the society. Most civilized societies describe people who do things contrary to the expectations of other people as criminals. The government is a very important body that plays a very important role with respect to combating crime. It is therefore true that there can be no government if there is no crime (Alice, 2010).

People normally have different opinions on whether crime is healthy for any society (Susan, 2011). There are those people who describe their society as healthy while others regard it as unhealthy. This view depends on their opinion on crime. However, most people see their societies as healthy despite the fact that there are incidences of crime which happen inside those societies.

This indicates that some forms of crime are important for a society to grow. If there was no crime, there would be no need to govern people. A criminal is a person who needs to be punished, controlled and stopped because his actions bring undesirable effects to the society (Why Care, 2012).

In the modern society, people have become too much dependent on laws and regulations. People have developed the habit that they must be governed and regulated so that they can live in harmony with each other (Vito & Maahs, 2011).

For example, most of countries which do not have stable governments are characterized by various forms of violence. It is therefore important for such countries to have a stable government which would regulate the inhuman activities that people in such countries engage in (Why Care, 2012). Every culture has criminals and it is the duty of the people to make sure they eradicate all the criminal deeds observed in the area.

However, the fatal mistake that people make is to think that they have powers which enable them to differentiate between good and evil. This then makes them to think that it is their responsibility to punish others for the crimes committed. However, almost every person in every society has at one time engaged in a criminal activity.

This therefore means that before people judge others for committing criminal activities, they should also ensure that they completely refrain from criminal activities. This would make it easy for them to combat crime easily in the societies where they live (Zen, 2009). However, since not everybody is able to refrain from committing crime, crime has therefore been accepted as way of life in different societies.

The various measures that people adopt to reduce crime in their areas include electing a government that is committed to handle criminals, practice community policing, or having a group of people who are adequately trained to guard the society from any criminals who might attack the society (Susan, 2011). It is accepted that there is no society where crime does not exist. The people who engage in criminal activities are therefore said to inflict punishments upon themselves.

Despite the fact that crime is an acceptable reality in every society, people engage in activities aimed at regulating the criminal activities which criminals engage in. This is because, if criminals are allowed to continue in harmful activities without anybody intervening, there is likelihood that the good people in the society would suffer huge losses.

To minimize the losses that people encounter as a result of criminal activities therefore, it becomes important for governments and the people to invest resources and time in order to ensure that criminal activities are easily manageable (Vito & Maahs, 2011).

The different crimes that criminals commit include murder, robbery, rape, and drug dealings. All these crimes inflict huge losses to the victims (Viviene & Cree, 2010). It therefore becomes important to have a body such as the government which would regulate all the activities of criminals. It is the responsibility of the government to take care of its population. It is supposed to ensure that there is peaceful coexistence among the people in the country (Susan, 2011).

To do this, the government ensures that the security personnel such as the police and the army are hired and given relevant training in order to ensure that criminal activities are brought down as much as possible within a country (Vito & Maahs, 2011). The government therefore invests a lot of funds and time in training and equipping the police and the army with the relevant tools so that they can tackle criminal activities easily and effectively.

Any criminal activity is normal in every society (Zen, 2009). This statement serves as a guide to many people by helping them understand that crime is present everywhere and people should therefore adopt all the measures possible to ensure that bring down all crime incidences significantly. This would enable the members of every society to live in peaceful coexistence with each other.


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