Cowen, sound of a blow. Stella cries

Cowen, JessePeriod 2Modern LiteratureA Streetcar Named Desire After the Great Depression and WW1 times were rough for the people of the US. Art, music, and writing hit a dark stage during the 40s. In the play “A StreetCar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams, all the characters suffer from disintegration at points in the play which reflect life was during the modernist time period. During the time of the 1940s men show their dominance by hitting their wives even though it was illegal. This resulted in disintegration because things like this will result in losing trust among the family. “You lay your hands on me and i’ll-“(pg.63). This quote shows how Stanley hit Stella and it resulted in them arguing and losing trust in each other.”…he advances and disappears there is the sound of a blow. Stella cries out Blanche screams and runs into the kitchen..” . In this scene it describes the way Stanley approached Stella to hit her this event cause dramatic problems in the play and it will separate them in the play. To close off disintegration of family was a present theme due to the way trust and lies was shown in the playIn the play Blanche begins to talk trash about Stanley due to his horrible behavior and she tells her sister Stella to leave him. For example Blanche states, “He acts like an animal, and has an animal’s habits” (P.83). This quote explains that Stanley has a very aggressive behavior and is reckless of his actions, especially when he gets drunk. Blanche does not fully understand how her sister can put up with such rude behavior. This begins to cause tension between Blanche and Stanley because of Stanley’s abnormal behavior which causes more trouble between them later on. Additionally, Blanche gets the idea of persuading Stella to leave Stanley due to the way he treats her. For instance she states, “But you’ve given in. And that isn’t right you’re not old! You can get out” (P.74). This means that Blanche doesn’t want her sister Stella to take that animal like behavior of her husbands any longer. She can’t stand to see Stella be mistreated and beaten by a man. These pieces of evidence provide the sense of disintegration in the family because it shows that the husband is becoming the bigger problem surely with his reckless, animal, and rude-like behavior.  The disintegration of family shows through the climax of the story because Stanley sexually assaulted and then they put Blanche in a mental hospital.  The author states ¨ Oh you want some rough-house! All right let’s have some rough-house!¨(pg 162, Williams).  In this scene Stanley does the dirty deed with Blanche. Even though he is married to his sister. This shows how the family is disintegrating. When Blanche tells Stella she refuses to believe it and Stella puts blanche in a insane asylum. Stella ¨ sobs with inhuman abandon. There is something undying in her complete surrender in crying now that her sister is gone(174, williams). Stella is completely broken due to having to turn on her sister. She also could stay with Stanley knowing that he assaulted her sister.The play ” A Streetcar named Desire connects to Modernism by showcasing how mental issues can lead to familial and personal disintegration, as throughout the play Blanche keeps falling in a downwards spiral. When speaking to Mitch, Blanche reveals ” By coming home suddenly into a room that I had thought was empty- which wasn’t empty, but had two people in it … the boy I had married and an older man who had been his friend for years..” (pg. 114 Williams). Here Blache is explaining she figured out her husband was homosexual by catching him in bed with another man. This was the first act of disintegration of the family as Blache’s disgust for her husband caused him to commit suicide and was the domino in Blanche’s descent into madness. This also connects to Modernism as in the 1940s being homosexual was still not accepted by the public but was generally looked down upon with disgust. As the play progresses and Blanche reveals to Stella that her husband raped her Stella tells Eunice “I couldn’t believe her story and go on living with Stanley. (pg 165 Williams). Stella admits to her neighbor and friend Eunice that she is choosing to believe Blanche is mentally unstable rather than accept her husband raped her sister. This part of the play connects with Modernism as it exhibits a willful ignorance to mental illness and how people choose to ignore or misblamed facts because something is unpleasant to them.   The play “A Streetcar Named Desire” the family of Blanche and Stella has a lot of issues happening. The family begins to fall apart due to Blanche being a liar. Over time all hers lies came out and people could not trust her. Stella’s husband, Stanley is pretty much a macho man. The important points in the play is when Stanley hits his wife. Blanche tries to convince Stella to leave Stanley but she decides to stay with him and ignore her sister’s advice. Blanche is sexually assaulted by Stanley due to the fact that no one would believe her. Blance went off to a psychiatric hospital when no one is believes her that Stanley rapes her, Stella takes her husband’s side.