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Courtesy: PinterestRi(n)se and shineIt’s summer time, not the time for sadness, but braids! These protective hairstyles are great during extreme weather conditions and require very less maintenance, as compared to other hairstyles. Yes, you read that right sis, low maintenance, not no maintenance. This is how you can keep ’em right. The PrepWashing your hair after you have got box braids is a whole different experience as compared to earlier. For washing your box braids, you would need a gentle cleanser. Pre-dilute some shampoo with water or use (product name) to get the job done right, without causing any harm to your box braids. If it would help, you could make use of applicator bottles.   Clean The ScalpConcentrate your maximum efforts to clean your scalp. That’s where all the grime would be. Split it into sections and target one section at a time. Using your fingertips, massage the shampoo onto your scalp as it will help clean you all the muck and regulate the blood flow for a healthier scalp. Remember to not be too harsh on the roots as it may cause a lot of frizziness later on. Squeeze ’em, Braids Courtesy: AfricanhairblogExpert celebrity hair artists recommend washing the hair from scalp to the end. And to not rub them. Yes, instead of rubbing them, you should squeeze them. Make sure to squeeze the braids well around the scalp area, as there could still be residue build up hidden. You do not have to go too aggressive towards the tips as the shampoo would trickle down anyway. Rinse the hair well. Once you think you’re done and all the shampoo is out, rinse it one more time.  Condition ’emDepending on the type and size of braids, give your hair a generous amount of conditioner treatment. Make sure you cover each and every braid to the length and let the conditioner sit for a few minutes. You can choose (product name) as it helps repair your hair along with moisturising it.      Dry them wellThe last step here is to wring and squeeze out all the water, using a towel. Make sure that the braids do not pull your scalp causing damage, as the water adds weight to the braids. It may take a couple of hours to dry them completely. You can use a blow-dryer to dry them, but only if they take way too long.Here’s how you can keep your freshly-washed Box Braids maintained. Check out: Steps For Maintaining Fresh Braids