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Due to people asking themselves these questions they are very likely to be put of buying products on the internet, when they know that they can go to a retail outlet and buy the product, were they can see the product and make sure that it meets all the requirements. It is essential that smoothannice. com can persuade customers to buy on the internet. They can do this by reassuring customers that their personal information and details will not fall into the wrong hands. They can achieve this by offering customers a telephone number to pass their credit card number over instead of putting through the website.

They would then have to reassure the customer that their product will arrive. It is essential for smoothannice. com to write how long it could take for the product to arrive e. g. they can write that it takes up to 7 working days for the product to arrive. This way it gives the company a chance to get the product to the customer. If the product as not arrived in seven days then the company will know that something is wrong and can offer the customer a discount in order to keep the companies good image. Making smoothannice. com a successful website In order to make smoothannice.

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com a successful website a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration. These factors will help smoothannice. com not become a failure like boo. com. Design the website for all of target audience The first factor that smoothannice. com has to think about is that does their website suit all internet connections. This means does the website run better on a 38. 8kb connection or a 56kb connection. It should not run better on either. The website should run the same on any connection, if the website was to be slow on certain connection speeds then its very likely that some people will not come on the website.

This is because if smoothannice. com takes so long to load up on their computer then they will go to another website which takes very little time to load up. So the first factor that smoothannice. com will have to consider is how they will make sure that the website loads up as fast as possible on any connection. The best way to make sure that the website loads up as fast as possible is to have not so many pictures, as these are the main reasons why loading up a website takes so long. Easy to use interface It is essential that twiceasnice.

com has a easy to use interface, this way customers can easily find what they are looking for weather it is products to buy or information on the company. Many people will not use the website if it is to complicated to use, this is very off putting. Why would you g to a website that is to complicated to use and you don’t know what is happening when you can go to another website which has an easy to use interface. As you can see in the design section of my report my user interface will be very simplistic. Treat customers as if they are gold

If a mistake has occurred and a customer has been overcharged. Then make sure you communicate to the customer in a good manner. Do not keep asking the customer if he/she is sure or they might think that you think that they are lying and this will not give the company a good image. Look up the records and if the customer is wrong be polite and explain to them carefully about how the costs for the product(s) is correct. If the customer is correct and has been overcharged then apologise and offer the customer a discount or compensate them some way.

This will make the customer feel appreciated and will give the company a good image, it is also very likely that this customer will purchase their goods on smoothannice. com again. Don’t start up the website before it is ready It is important that smoothannice. com is not released before it is ready and been tested. If the website is incomplete and the front or back of the internet is not complete, then the website is sure to fail. Say the website has been launched but is incomplete, then a customer clicks on a product or button but nothing happens after that, the customer will become impatient and leave the website.

So it is important to make sure that the website is ready to be launched and if not try to put the deadline back a bit. Have a good plan It is essential for twiceasnice. com to have a good plan, a good plan will lead to a good website. It is important to have a good plan so employees know what they have to do and when they have to do them by. It is no good people working on bits by themselves as someone else might be doing the same job and their will be lack of communication.

So it is extremely important that smoothannice.com has a good plan so that every one works together and no one repeats a job which could lead to a waste of money and time. Offer alternatives One-way to become a successful website is to offer alternative methods of purchasing products. One of the main reasons why people don’t use the internet to purchase goods is because that they fear that their credit card number will get into the wrong hands. So if smoothannice. com offer a telephone number which the customer can ring to say their credit card number it will make the customer feel more safe and make them shop at the website again.

It will be essential then for the website to put codes next to each product so that when the customer rings up they can give the product number, their credit card number and their address. Some new websites have started to take cash. The way they do this is that they phone the customer the day before they deliver the product and tell them when they are coming, then the customer can pay in cash as soon as the goods have arrived. Plan In this section I will discuss on the plan I have for making smoothannice. com cosmetics a successful website.

I suggest that the company hire about 10 computer technicians to create and maintain the website. These technicians will be expensive but at least the website will be of high quality and safe to use. These technicians then should work together, each having a job to do but contrasting to another member. This way at least no job will be repeated and no time or money will be wasted. Then after the website has been designed they can watch the site incase any errors occur or if the site contains a virus or if someone has hacked into the companies database.

These technicians do not have to work every day f the week it would be good for them to work on a full time basis when constructing the website then part time afterwards say 3 days a week. I also propose that we get a focus group in. This way the company can find out what attracts people to a website and is of putting of a website. They can find out what colours should be used how the title should look and so on. Then we can analysis the focus groups opinions and try to design a website that will attract people to shop for their cosmetics on it.

A focus group is an easy and cheap way of collecting data on how people think the website should look and how it should perform. It is important for the website to be advertised otherwise no will know about its existence. The company can write on their products packaging the website address, this is so existing customers can see the address and visit it to order their products. Also it would be a good idea if the company could get a very popular website such as www.yahoo.com to let the company advertise on their web page, this is so people can see the web page address and when the page will be launched. Also people will think that the website will be a good and trustable website as yahoo. com has a good image and this could be reflected on to smoothannice. com. It is essential that the website is tested before it is launched, this way the website can be checked for any problems. The testing will be performed by existing consumers. This is so that the company can see if the website is easy to use and if the customers like how the website performs.

If the company let the technicians do the testing it will not prove to be useful as they have designed the website and know what do, were as the customer has never seen the website and can truthfully tell the company if they do or do not like the website. But the technicians will test the website to see if there are any faults which maybe the customer does not see and making sure that the website runs efficiently on all speeds of internet connection, but only two or three technicians might be needed for this. Below is a table showing the costs of the company making and then running the website.