Most the sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Works Cited

Most people make choices about the type of automobile they buy based on different factors, which range from personal opinions to the characteristics of the particular automobile. This paper is going to compare and contrast SUVs and motorcycles in order to determine the better options.

Sports utility vehicle (SUV)

These vehicles are known to be very stable on the road due to their four-wheel-drive nature. The design of the SUV varies. Earlier models had two doors with removable tops. However, due to the demands from customers, the model was created to have four doors. The design normally consists of an engine compartment, passenger and cargo compartments.

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There are three categories of SUVs. The first type is referred to as the compact SUV. It is built with a smaller passenger and cargo space. It also has a higher gas mileage. The second one is the midsize SUV. It has more cargo and passenger space and has lower gas mileage. The third one is the full-size SUV. It has larger cargo and passenger space and even lower gas mileage (Bradsher 60).

The distinguishing feature of the SUV is that it can be used in remote areas due to its four-wheel-drive nature. It can be modified for recreation and motorsport and are among the most luxurious cars. In terms of safety, the SUV can be regarded as unsafe. This is because of its sporty nature. It was designed for high speeds.

However, there are some models that are known to be safer in case of an accident. On the other hand, motorcycle are considered more unsafe when compared to the SUV. This is especially when the user does not wear safety clothing. SUVs are also known to guzzle more fuel than other automobiles. Fuel consumption of SUVs and motorcycles is not even comparable since the motorcycle is much more economical. It is more expensive to acquire an SUV than it is to acquire a motorcycle.


A motorcycle is a two-wheeled, single-track motor vehicle. Their designs normally vary depending on usage. It can be used for travel, sporting, racing, cruising and so on. There are three main types of motorcycles. The first is the street. These include the cruisers, sport bikes and scooters.

The second one is the off-road model. The third one is for dual purpose. Motorcycles are cheaper than SUVs. They are also more commonly used around the globe. The unique aspect of the motorcycle lies in its construction and fuel economy. The construction of the modern motorcycles is standardized and they are relatively cheaper to produce. This is when compared to the SUV.

Motorcycles, as compared to the SUV, cause more accidents and in most cases, the accidents are fatal. According to fatality analysis reporting system, the number of fatal crushes for motorcycles is four times higher than for cars (Setright 16). Due to the better fuel efficiency of the motorcycles, they are the least distractible to the environmental.

In terms of repair, motorcycles are very much easier to deal with as compared to the SUVs. This is because the engine is more accessible than that of the SUV. Maintenance of a motorcycle is comparatively less costly. Motorcycles are much easier to park than the SUV and take up a very small space. This makes it very hard to miss a parking spot for a motorcycle even in the busiest places. A motorcycle can maneuver easily in traffic unlike the SUV.

In conclusion, motorcycles have many advantages in terms of cost, maintenance, fuel consumption and access. This makes it more suitable to use than the sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

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