Company editors painstakingly go through the current national

Company Description

Sasbadi Holdings Berhad engrosses in the publication
of educational resources. The firm publishes textbooks, revision guides,
workbooks, assessment books, model test papers, children books, teaching
guides, language guides, glossaries, logbooks for general teaching. Its
products and services include print publishing, digital publishing and applied
learning. Its print publishing activity includes publishing National School
Curriculum based educational materials and supplementary educational materials.
Its online educational resources are developed for teaching and learning

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 Vision and Mission 

Excellence & Innovation


Corporate Citizenship


Target Market

The target market for Sasbadi Holdings include primary
and secondary school students under the Malaysian National School Curriculum,
Form 6 and tertiary level students who take the Malaysian University English
Test (MUET), children aged 1 – 6 years old, teachers who are strongminded to
teach with the best resource available and anyone who is determined to improve
their English language and Bahasa Malaysia.

What is the Problem?

Many educational resource providers seem to miss the
key element of “Accuracy of Information”. Many resources these days have many
different information that portray different perspectives. This would only
confuse the minds of those seeking for knowledge.

Why is Sasbadi the Solution?

Sasbadi’s priority is the accuracy of information.
Only a book with months and months of preparation and examination hits the
bookshop. This is because every book published by Sasbadi experiences a
thorough process of homework and appraisal. It begins at the editorial stage
where editors painstakingly go through the current national education syllabus,
prescribed texts, previous year’s examination papers and feedback from readers.
Sasbadi’s publications and books are updated every year to incorporate the changes
made to the national education syllabus. Every Sasbadi book picked up from the
bookshelf is the most up-to-date and best researched book a person can ever

Evolvement of Company


1 shows the revenue graph of Sasbadi Holdings for the past 4 years (2013-2016).
Over the past 4 years, the revenue has been showing an increase. In 2013, the
revenue was RM 77.964 million and in 2016, the revenue was RM 92.69 million
(increase of RM 14.726 million).


Diagram 2 shows the
profit after taxation margin graph. Although PAT margin dropped in 2014 to
15.41 % from 16.36 % in 2013, it has shown an increase in 2015 (17.95 %) and
2016 (18.44 %).


Diagram 3 shows the earnings before interest, taxes,
depreciation and amortization graph. Over the past 4 years, EBIDTA has been
showing an increase. In 2013, EBIDTA was RM 19.44 million and in 2016, it was
RM 26.89 million (increase of RM 7.45 million).