The lathe. Durability The wood is strong and

The heartwood is naturally resistant to decay however logs and green wood may be susceptible to several boring beetle species. Uses Trees stained by the “beef-steak” fungus are often converted into highly figured veneers. Price High cost Mahogany is stronger and more dense then pine but not as strong as oak. This is mainly used for toilet seats for consumers with particular liking to the colour, a deep red which darkens in time. It has to be specially made as it is very expensive and hard to find. Common Name Honduras Mahogany

Botanical Name: Swietenia macrophylla Wood Characteristics Straight grain with a fine even texture. Honduras Mahogany is relatively free of voids and pockets. Colour: Reddish brown to medium red which darkens to a deep reddish-brown with time. Workability: Honduras mahogany is one of the best woods for machining, cutting, and planing. Tools should be kept sharp, and a low angle should be used when planing Mahogany with a wavy grain pattern. Honduras Mahogany can be sanded very easily and efficiently. Routered edges are crisp and sharp.

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Honduras Mahogany also turns well on a lathe. Durability The wood is strong and dense. It will dent with a sharp hit from a solid blunt object. Slightly less durability than Red Oak. For outdoor applications such as patio furniture and wooden boats this boat is an excellent choice for its combination of strength and rot resistant properties. The popular Chris Craft wooden boats were built from mahogany until the early 1960 when it was replaced by fiberglass. Uses Fine furniture, cabinet making, plywood, turning, boat building, outdoor furniture.