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Doctors of the holocaust



            During the holocaust there were
thousands of people being moved into camps and across Germany, these people
would have to be monitored for illnesses and among other things that caused a
need for doctors to be present on the camps. These doctors affairs in these
camps weren’t monitored very well which led to some very inhumane acts
performed on these people.

            Doctor Mengele was born March 16,
1911.  He earned his doctorate in
anthropology from the university of Munich. He was head of the gas chambers,
and gassed a block of seven hundred and fifty women because of a lice outbreak.
Mengele’s main work was with twins, some of these children were as young as
five years old. Dr. Mengele’s intensions were to better understand heredity so
he could form the perfect race. He was assigned to decide who was fit to work
and who wasn’t, at this time he earned the nickname the angel of death. But he
wasn’t as cruel to the twins, at least not until experimentation time, Mengele
would come talk, play, and even bring candy for the twins. Every day twins were
selected and would give a substantial amount of blood. Mengele tried to make
conjoined twins in one of his experiments by sowing two twins together and
trying to connect blood vessels, soon after the twins died of gangrene. Of the
1500 twins Mengele used for experimentation only 200 survived.

the war Mengele became a fugitive and soon fled the country. In 1985 the German
police raided one of Mengele’s friends homes and found out that he had died in
1979 by drowning.

            Carl Clauberg studied how to help
infertile women conceive children as a research gynecologist. In 1943 he was
sent to experiment at Auschwitz to sterilize as many people as possible in a
short period of time. He experimented on around seven hundred women by
injecting the uterus with toxins, which led to severe pain, inflamed ovaries,
bleeding, and sometimes death for these women. Clauberg would take men and
women and position them between two x-ray machines with the rays directed at
their sexual organs . Clauberg was arrested by soviet police and imprisoned for
25 years. He was released in 1955 due to an agreement between Germany and
U.S.S.R. , he soon died before his trial began in 1957.

Oberhausen was born May 15, 1911. She was a Nazi doctor at Auschwitz and
Ravensbruck. She worked doing bone, muscle, and nerve regeneration. She also
performed some bone transplants. She injected children with oil and evipan,
then after they died she would remove their organs and limbs. The injections
sometimes took up to five minuets to kill the patient while they were fully
conscious and in severe pain. She conducted some of the worst experiments
focused on causing physical harm, she was simulating the wounds of the German
soldiers in the war. She would rub foreign contaminates into the wounds of
these victims. She served a mere ten years in prison, she was released for good
behavior and continued her practice as a family doctor in Germany. In 1956
after she was recognized by a survivor her license was revoked.  She died January 1978.

            Karl Brandt was Hitler’s physician
and performed on Hitler’s niece. Brandt was rewarded the rank of Major General
and Reich commissioner for health and sanitation.  He then moved his family towards allied lines
as to keep them from U.S.S.R. territory, he was accused of treason and Hitler
ordered for him to be killed.

            In conclusion the holocaust was an
awful event that left bad people with unlimited power to conduct experiments
that were morally wrong and left many people in awe due to the nature and the
fact that the higher ups condoned these brutal experiments.