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Cloud computing is associate degree rising computing technology that uses the web and centralremote servers to keep up knowledge and application. knowledge security becomes additional and additionalimportant in cloud computing. Cloud computing provides the thanks to share distributedresources and services that belongs to completely different organizations or sites. Since cloud computingshare distributed resources via network within the open environments they it makes securityproblems. the information should be encrypted and unbroken safe with a highly-monitored and controlledaccess. owing to inherent multi-tenancy and easy access at intervals a cloud, the information is subjectedto various security risks, that continues to be a significant concern.The user authentication, that is associate degree main a part of the cloud computing, determines solely theauthorized user is to access the information.In existing system they used secret based mostlyauthentication.Password= Secret authentication code used for access.but several of thelimitations having secret based mostly authentication:Simple pass word straightforward to guess / crack.Complex passwords area unit tough to recollect. Most of the folks use same secret acrossin different applications and so, if single secret is compromised that the hacker willaccess all the information. Passwords area unit unable to produce nonrepudiation, that is, secret isshared with a fan, and there’s no thanks to grasp World Health Organization the particular user is. thus highersecurity isprovided got to defend the information from unauthorized users. Biometric based mostly authenticationcan replace the secret based mostly authentication, because, life science is additional reliable thanpassword based mostly authentication. As biometric characteistics can’t be lost, forgetten, that areextremely tough to repeat, share and distribute. The person is to be gift at the time ofauthentication. it’s tough to forge life science. every physiological or behavioural feature willbe used as a biometric characteristic for private identification processes as long as theyfulfill the subsequent requirements: