(1) Third World-bound charities, but very often


Nowadays, it became another kind of a widely committed ‘victimless crime’, on the part of Bible-thumpers and moralistically minded left-wingers, to take advantage of Westerners’ gullibility, by exposing these people to the images of ‘hungry children from Somalia’ and consequently milking them for monetary donations, as the instrument of combating ‘world’s hunger’.

For example, according to probably the most prominent advocate of ‘world’s welfare’ Peter Singer (1999): “A $1,000 suit could save five children’s lives”. And, as we are being well aware of, it is now quite impossible for sober-minded citizens to effectively oppose these types of claims.

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After all, due to institutionalization of political correctness in Western countries, anyone who disagrees that pouring money into the bottomless pit of a Third World make any sense, whatsoever, is being automatically branded as ‘fascist’, ‘euro-centrist’ and even ‘male chauvinist’.

How did it come to being that utterly nonsensical suggestions, such as that of Singer’s, had now attained a full legitimacy in the eyes of great many otherwise normal people? For this, we have to thank the hordes of Socialist-minded neo-Marxian whackos, which during the course of sixties and seventies have succeeded in nothing less than taking over governmental offices in just about every Western country.

This is exactly the reason why, as of today, it is not only mentally inadequate individuals who may seriously believe in the sheer beneficence of Third World-bound charities, but very often the high-ranking representatives of governmentally sponsored (read sponsored by taxpayers’ money) international organizations, such as World Food Programme (WEF), who often go as far go as far as implying that donating money to people from Third World countries represents nothing less of a moral obligation, on the part of ‘inheritably wicked’ Whites: “We firmly believe that it is fundamentally wrong to consider assistance to the poor and hungry an act of charity. Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger is a moral imperative (?)” (2002, 6).

Apparently, WTF’s bureaucrats who like to blabber about ‘combating world’s hunger and thirst’, while participating in countless conferences and symposiums, where they get to eat black caviar and to drink $2000-per-bottle champagne, cannot comprehend a simple fact that ‘developing’ countries’ underdevelopment has been dialectically predetermined by the very laws of evolution, to which the representatives of Homo Sapiens specie are being subjected as much as plants and animals are.

This is the reason why claims that Third World countries’ poverty results from the ‘legacy of colonial oppression’ are best referred to as conceptually fallacious.

The actual reason why, after having freed themselves of ‘White oppression’, most ‘developing’ countries began to rapidly descent back into primeval savagery is simple – the most people who populate these countries cannot even be considered fully human, in traditional sense of this word.

As it was shown in Lynn and Vanhanen’s (2002) book, citizens’ average rate of IQ in such world-poorest countries as Haiti, Equatorial Guinea and Central African Republic falls below 50; whereas, any Westerner who scores lower then 70, while IQ-tested, ends up being automatically declared mentally deficient. Moreover, in their book both authors have also proven that people’s varying ability to operate with highly abstract categories (IQ) is being predetermined by essentially genetic factors.

This is the reason why, no matter how much Western financial aid is being pumped to especially impoverished Third World countries, the natives in these countries will continue to live in the state of an extreme poverty. Their intellectual underdevelopment simply prevents them from being able to indulge in activities, associated with creation of an additional ‘surplus value’ – the foremost prerequisite of an economic growth, which in its turn is being extrapolated in the improvement of citizens’ living standards.

This explains why there is only one activity, in which citizens from ‘developing’ countries appear to have succeeded rather spectacularly – preoccupying themselves with baby-making on industrial scale, in time free from participating in tribal wars.

For example, despite being subjected to never-ending civil war and famine for duration of last fifty years, the population of Ethiopia had tripled. And, it is namely the acute problem of overpopulation, experienced by this country, which naturally predisposes most natives towards experiencing constant thirst and hunger; whereas, if there were less of them competing for the same natural resources, these people would be able to enjoy better lives.


What it means is that donating money to impoverished people in Third World countries is not only counter-productive, in economic sense of this word, but also inhumane, as it creates additional preconditions for these countries to continue being affected by the problem of overpopulation.

Thus, it is quite impossible to refer to the suggestions that Westerners must be willing to donate their money to self-appointed ‘experts on elimination of world’s poverty’ as anything else but as such that organically derive out of the notion of insanity – pure and simple.

These kinds of suggestions are the example of Commie-thinking at its worst, and as we are well aware from the lessons of history, there has always been only one consequence to practical implementation of Communist insanity – degradation, destruction and death. The same can be said about the actual consequences of Christian ‘lambs of God’ meddling in affairs that they could not possibly comprehend.

As it was rightly pointed out by Buchanan (2001): “Great folly of Christian doctrine was probably never as glaringly revealed as by the insane policies the Christian churches implemented in the Third World. The churches oppose contraception, sterilization, and abortion among their members. This results in exploding population growth which is further abetted by the medical care and food provided by the same churches” (63). As an old saying goes – the road to hell is made out of good intentions.

Therefore, the suggestions that Westerners are being morally obliged to assist the impoverished people from ‘developing’ countries – hence, ensuring the ‘fair distribution of wealth’, should be best addressed as mental by-products of degenerate Whites’ psychological abnormality. Apparently, it never occurred to those who come up with such suggestions that if the wealth was indeed equally distributed, it would result in stalling the pace of world’s social, cultural and technological progress.

The reason for this is simple – the notion of equality is synonymous to the notion of energetic entropy. In its turn, the notion of entropy is being synonymous to the notion of death. Given the fact that world’s natural resources are being severely limited, it means that there is simply not enough room under the sun on this planet for all.

After all, while addressing life’s challenges, people never cease to indulge in fierce competition with each other for these resources. And, those who have proven themselves losers in such a competition, end up living in poverty – one does not have to be overly smart to be able to realize this simple fact. Overly ‘progressive’ Westerns may believe in otherwise all they want, but the objective laws of nature will eventually brush aside such their belief – just as it happens nowadays.

We can only hope that it will not take too long for most good-natured people in Western countries to recognise the self-evident validity of an earlier articulated idea, otherwise they will continue falling victims to money-greedy spokesmen on behalf of ‘fairness’ and ‘tolerance’ – hence, contributing to bringing even more entropy to this already entropic world.


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