Every individual contributes to the making and unmaking of governments and society. While certain individuals don’t necessarily engage in activities which contribute to the interests of the society they live in and governments which preside over it, most don’t exactly contribute to the detriment of the system and institutions which they belong to either.

In response to Aristotle’s idea of what a citizen is and should constitute, in which he pronounces that one is only to be identified as such if he or she has the capacity and time for governance; I believe it overlooks other relevant duties and responsibilities an individual has and will continually have, as well as the multi-dimensional aspects of humanity which need not solely be confined to the instance of keeping to strictures and to public governance.

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I believe that as a working wife and mother, I reserve the right to be afforded the term “citizen;” as do every parent who has to juggle domestic and familial duties with career and paid work. The bulk of necessary responsibilities and obligations which fall on people such as myself discounts me from finding the time or capacity to engage in matters concerning national governance, but that shouldn’t deprive me of being acknowledged as a citizen of this country.

The necessary duties and obligations I may have to society and to government is necessarily fulfilled in looking after my children, and ensuring that they grow up to be responsible citizens and individuals like myself; and by participating in the work force or labor system, I don’t believe my effort falls short of what is to be generally expected of any and every individual in this country.

Ultimately, there’s more than one thing to consider when it comes to regarding and acknowledging an individual’s apparent “citizenship” and significance to his or her country; and it is not, and should not be confined solely to one’s involvement in public governance.