Choice’s Requirements for a web site Reasoning

Choice’s Video has been around for a long time, with a new store now opening every three months nation wide. Choices video was established over 15 years ago with Mr G Choice opening a small video shop just out of London, due to the success and popularity of the store Mr Choice took a gamble and with a loan from the bank opened five new stores. That was fifteen years ago, to date there is now 280 stores open nationwide. Mr Choice’s next challenge is to tackle America.

Requirements for a web site

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The main reasons for designing this web site is so that our customers will have an alternative to coming to their local shop to buy videos and DVDs. And we hope Choices.Net will be that alternative.

The Task At Hand

Three months ago Mr Choice came to us to ask for help in designing a Website, which is of equal standards as his stores nationwide. (Due to the fact that “Blockbuster” Choice’s biggest rival has just launched their website, boasting to be the dominators of the British video rental section)


Objectives of Website.

To enlarge Choices business to multinational proportions,

(For example we will be taking Choices video over to America with twenty new stores opening on the 13th of March 2003)

Make it easy for people to buy over the Internet.

(By providing a wide variety of Videos and DVDs available for the lowest process)

And to prove to become good competition for biggest rival Blockbuster Video,

To spread the word of choices video

Content of Website

Our website will contain:

* The company logo at the top of the page

* The latest blockbusting videos of this month,

* The UGC cinema chart for the UK and USA, (Due to the fact that UGC cinemas is one of our biggest sponsors),

* Attachments to our sponsors websites (including UGC Cinemas, and various others)

* The three biggest releases of the month,

* Our own personal name and logo,

And various other attachments to other pages I.e. Our membership page.

Below is a template of my Homepage

Data Capture

Choices Video came to us to ask for help in designing a website of the same standard as their video rental stores, scattered across the country. Before Choices Video appeared the British video rental market was dominated by high flyers Blockbuster Video, but with the arrival of choices expanding empire, Blockbuster decided to open a website to capture customers over the internet, which has almost forced Choices to open a website of their own, if they are to stay as good competition for Blockbuster.

I will be including separate attachments to other pages, where our clients will be able to give comments on the web site and any recommendations and will be able to E-Mail us.

Also a membership form will be linked to my web site containing the following fields:

* First name

* Last Name

* Language

* Region/Country

* Gender

* Date of birth

* Occupation

* E-Mail address

* Password

* Retyped Password (for security reasons)

* A secret question (for security reasons)

* And the answer to my secret question (for security reasons)

Performance Criteria

The following performance criteria will be used:

1. This web site will be created and developed to the standards expected by the ‘choice’ establishment Hopefully this will be achieved by March 13th 2003.

2. The pages will be easily accessible, and most importantly safe and secure.

3. Each page of the web site must load quickly.

4. Partially sighted users must be brought into consideration. (By making text and images visible and clear)

5. Page layout must be consistent. This can be achieved by keeping the site menu always towards the top of the page.

Membership Form

First Name.

Last Name.




Male Female

Birth Date.

(Ex. 1999)


E-mail Address.


Six-character minimum; no spaces

Retype Password.

Secret Question.

Secret Answer.