Children performance, health and survival of learners. Children

Children  are 
considered  the  greatest 
national  resource  of 
any  country  who 
will  build  the future of the Nation. Schooling is an
instrument of individual and social change, increasing the probabilities of
general well-being. Primary education is a vital stage in the development of
the consciousness and personality of the child as it is at this juncture that a
whole new world of bright ideas and knowledge open up in front of their eyes. Nutrition
is an endogenous factor that affects the learning ability and skills before and
after the child is in school. The 
relationship  between  nutrition, 
health  and  educational 
achievement  of  school-age population in less-developed
countries has been of  interest to  many researchers due to  the frequent observation that many children
did not complete primary education and those who completed, did  not perform 
well as children in the  developed
countries (1).

Malnutrition remains one of the major
obstacles to human well-being and economic prosperity in developing countries.
The most recent report from Save the Children stated that adults who were
malnourished as children earn twenty percent less in academic performance, on
average, than those who were not. Findings revealed that malnutrition affects
physical growth, cognitive development and it consequently impacts on academic
performance, health and survival of learners. Children should not be exposed to
malnutrition even at an early age for it has detrimental effects to their
academic performance and their holistic development (2).

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are strong arguments that nutrition alone is not responsible for low academic
performance. So there is no resolving the social causes of malnutrition without
by the focusing on poverty alleviation and improving other socio-economic
characteristics (3).

Longitudinal studies that have followed
children from infancy throughout childhood have also consistently shown that
children who became stunted (height for age