Child cannot always have control of what

Child prostitution is a worldwide issue that does not
get as much attention as it should

compared to other well known worldwide issues such as
bullying , abortion and so on

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and so forth. Child prostitution occurs for various
reasons but the most direct thinkable

causes are money and underprivileged families.

” The principle of prostitution is poverty”(
Busuttil, Fanny.2011) .Child prostitution happens due to poverty

which is leads to the biggest thing that everyone seems
to love but not many have ,

money. The consequences can be very rough on those who
cannot always have control

of what they do. For an example, Sexual Transmitted
Infections, pregnancy and abuse.

There are helpful solutions that can help decrease the
number of children in prostitution.

Although, it can often depend on one’s willingness to
make a change for the better. In

my opinion ,children should not be exposed to things
such as prostitution , they should

be worried about the normal things kids worry about such
as movies , friends and toys.

No one should ever have to go through the pain of
getting used over and over again just

for their own survival which is what Maisha from Uwem
Akpan’s book ” Say You’re

One Of them” had to do because her family is very
poverty stricken and they heavily

depend on her for the source of income. The causes if
child prostitution can very

depending on the individual’s background and that their
own reason are. Children

involved in prostitution can often come from having
little to no family at all seeing by

how if they did they would have done their absolute best
to keep their children away

form being exposed to it. Never the less, the main
reason has to be poverty. Due to the

lack of strength in some governments , and the weak
support coming from people that

have a higher relevance compared to some others child
prostitution can often go

unnoticed. Another reason why child prostitution occurs
is the rising of the sex market.

Poverty , often pushes people to do things they would
not do if they were no poverty

stricken and unfortunately prostitution is what a lot of
people who are desperate come

to. In undeveloped countries , parents of younger
children tend to sacrifice their own

kids to pimps for the sake of receiving money . What
surprises me is how the speed rate

of sex trafficking has grown so much to the point it
became an almost normal thing over

the past 40 years . The top countries that have the
highest rating of child prostitution

are Thailand, Brazil, Unites States and Canada.
According to channel42, in 2004 ,

300,000 children were involved in prostituting in
Thailand ,under the age of sixteen.

Also, the spark of child prostitution was influenced by
the tourism. In Canada, as of

2015, 18 million international travelers made their way
into Canada ( 2016, T.I.A.C). If

that many people flew to Canada , imagine the number of
people who go to the most

popular destination sites such as Bangkok, Thailand ,
Dubai , Japan and the list goes on.

In my opinion that provides plenty of opportunity for
people who are involved in the sex

trafficking industry to find their way to those who at a

Furthermore, Child prostitution brings a lot of
consequences and suffering for the

youth , they can suffer from serious psychological and
physical damage that could be

permanent they can also experience exhaustion due to the
constant working of being on

the streets for any time of the night ” My sister
stepped out , then leaned on the car

exhausted” ( 28) in Ex-mas Feast of Uwem Akpan’s Say
You’re One Of Them, Maisha

had come home from another job exhausted as ever.
Children who are prostitutes do not

get as much sleep as other children because they can
work at anytime of day just to get

paid and survive. Child prostitution benefits only those
who are engaging in these

wrongful acts because they get their pleasure and leave
while the children get paid little

and still struggle ,

but the kids themselves receive payment. The payment
would probably not benefit them

for a longtime. “Child victims of human trafficking
face significant problems. Often

physically and sexually abused”( Comanche). According
to Ark of Hope , victims who

had sex for their own benefit normally felt depressed
and had HIV/Aids , rectal trauma

and pelvic pain. Drug addiction and other long-term
health impacts are extremely harsh

when they have no one to have their back or to take care
of them . Although , some

youth may not have anyone to take care of them you
would think that they would be

independent, but just because they are alone it will
never mean they can completely

control their actions if they are as young as sixteen
years of age. Children who are

younger than sixteen are not yet grown in the sense of
knowing right from wrong. On

the contrary , these children can also face many
hardships and many sicknesses due to

the constant contact of skin and sometimes bodily
fluids. I have doubts that these

children even get proper showers or any at all
considering they may not get special

treatment and be allowed to clean themselves up by their
clients. Most of the countries

that have high child prostitution rates do not have any
kind of education on abstinence

or have any idea where they can find the right
protection for them. Furthermore, these

children can experience both long term and short term
physical and psychological

impacts. Not only can they contract infections but they
can also wind up pregnant, have

miscarriages and they will have a hard time trusting
people regarding anyone that they

come to meet . If they push people away the faster they
will become lonely and

loneliness and depression could be accessories to an
attempted suicide . Youth who are

prostitutes and are pregnant do not have much options
for themselves, they are not

employed nor do they have a stable home to stay in while
they are pregnant. Most of the

time they do not even want to be mothers because they do
not know what to do with a

child considering they are still children themselves.
Lastly, I think child prostitution is

aided by the family members of the child. In many cases
as mentioned previously , a lot

of these kids come from damaged poverty-stricken homes
and sometimes the parents do

not have the right education to begin with to get
proper jobs to provide for the family,

which will cause them to get desperate and sacrifice
their kids just for some money. All

the while there are kids which means no guidance and no

At last, in the states alone, there are at least 300,000
children whom are prostituted every

year. It is pretty devastating to know that there are
businesses for these acts. If people

were to help these children , there has to be a
strategic way and a lot of research to be

done. Some stuff we can do to help is educate young
children and parents on the dangers

of prostitution as well as abstinence and safety. Not
only do we need to educate those

who may need the extra help in understanding but also
those who are fully aware of the

dangers of prostitution but to let them meet
hand-in-hand with victims . Secondly, we

need to recognize the signs of child prostitution ,
raise awareness. If you would like to help those in need you can join
some charities such as NGO , A Better World, Love146 and many more.
If you are suspicious

of any kind of activity that may seem like child
prostitution let it be your duty to report it

right away! You can save lives by doing so.

In conclusion, child prostitution is a known social
issue but it does not get the attention

it should to stop it immediately compared to other
social issues. Child prostitution

occurs in almost all parts of the world but more
severely in others such as Kenya ,

Brazil, Thailand, those who are undeveloped. The top
highest rate of child prostitution

occurrence is the United States, Canada, Thailand and
Brazil. The consequences that

child prostitution can ruin a young person’s life
physically and psychologically. Lastly,

there are plenty of things people can do to help this
issue become history by simply

engaging yourself in getting to know some victims of
this social issue and keeping your

eyes open for any possible child trafficking going on.