Child a motivation for children to keep

Child development is a well-studied
area in the medical world. Children being the future of America’s society is an important subject. Anything that
will benefit them has its pros and cons, as does
everything in life. Sports, in particular, have a multitude of benefits
but has its drawbacks as well. Sports is one of Americas greatest past times.
Something that has been with America for years and will continue to be a part
of the future. Not only is sport a past time but, it provides the younger generation, as well as benefits for the older
generations. Sports participation is beneficial for children since it’s widely
associated with physical, educational, and emotional benefits.

Regular Physical Activity

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With regular physical activity, there have been proven to have health
benefits. The heart is what benefits the most from sports; it helps to pump
more blood as the body is put through
various activities. The muscles strengthen while the bones get their strength
from bone density. Studies have found that the body
builds more connection between nerves,
which then leads to better memory, improves concentration, and more active
creativity.  Obesity is a big issue all
around the world, but with physical activity,
the children could benefit from fat and
calories being burned off during the physical activity. 

Impact on Education

With the more
developed brain from sports, children tend to do better academically, acting as
a motivation for children to keep their grades up.  Studies have shown that higher test scores
come from students who actively participate in one or more sport. Playing
sports can provide children with a different perspective on the world, giving
them the ability to accept failure in all areas of their life. Sports help develop their problem-solving skills
necessary for education and life as
compared to children who do not participate in sports.

Healthy Mind

shows that regular participation in sports is
needed for a healthy mental state of mind. Sports can provide children with higher self-esteem than children
who don’t play sports. Children have a
better body image and higher satisfaction
with their self. Sports provide an outlet
for children who might have anxiety or anger. “A longitudinal study also
reported benefits of participation in sport compared to no participation, in
relation to lower rates of suicidal ideation including both thoughts and
intentions.” (Young, Harvey, Charity, & Payne 2013). Allowing children to
effectively cope with every day stressors and lower suicide rate of children.
Through sports children learn time management and how to set goals, leading
them to have a better sense of fulfillment.


            The health of our younger generation is a big concern for people of all ages.
As the world progress through this period in technology, the world must be mindful
that physical activity is still a vital role in children
everyday life. Obesity is a common
problem in America, especially in younger children. It’s all something that everyone
needs to take responsibility for as the journey through this life continues.
Sports can help not only children in educational,
physical, and emotional health and but for the older adults as well. It’s not just
meant for the sports stars on tv but for
any person with the ability to move.