CHAPTER Background of Study Teaching and learning process



beginning chapter presents the
background of the study, the statement of the problems, the purpose of the
study, the scope and limitation of the study, the significance of the study,
and the definition of key terms.

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1.1  Background of Study

and learning process at school is based on curriculum. There is competence
standard as the goal of teaching and learning process. Reading is one of the
skills taught at all
different levels of education. “They
are transactional and interactional, monologue and short functional text” (Ahmad & Aryuliva; 2013).
Students of Senior High School are expected to comprehend this text very well;
however, there are some reasons
why they are lazy to read a book. Some students think that reading book is wasting time.
Not only that, some students
prefer to study in the school than at home. At this school level, there are
genres of text that are
learned by the students such as descriptive
text, recount text, and narrative text.  According
to the Simple View of Reading (SVR)
from Grabe,
William & Stoller (2002), reading comprehension
is a product of the joint effect of word-level reading skills (decoding) and
linguistic comprehension. It means
that reading comprehension is not just reading loudly but also reading to understand the meaning of words, sentences, and
paragraph as well as sense relationship among the ideas.

There are some problems faced by
students. The first is lack of background knowledge about the
topic of a text that is going to be studied. The students do not have any knowledge about what they are reading.
The knowledge can be gotten from their experiences. Meanwhile, they only have a few experiences about the topic.
Because of that, they get difficulties in predicting the content of the text
that are going to the read. This case makes students difficult to comprehend. The second one is lack of
interest in reading. There are some factors that make them not interested in
reading English. Written form Putri & Jufri: (2013),
for example, the topic is too old or too difficult from their knowledge or
environment. Thus, the students do not want to read the text. When they are
forced to read a text whereas the text is not a new one or unfamiliar with the
student, it will be hard for them to comprehend the content of
the passage. They will face many difficulties when reading the text because
they are not motivated to read.

As stated
Grabe, William & Stoller: (2002) argued that:

comprehension is a complex cognitive process that depends on work together in a
synchronous, even automatic way. Vocabulary clearly plays a critical role in
understanding what has been read. The reader must also be intentional and
thoughtful while reading, monitoring the words and their meaning as reading


Besides, the reader must apply
reading comprehension strategies to make
sure that reading matches their references. Whenever a student just read loudly
but cannot understand the content of the text, it means that he fails in
comprehending the passage. Moreover, it is very
important to select reading materials and media. Teacher must consider
students’ competence as well as curriculum, because curriculum is the standard
competence in teaching learning at school. If teachers have found the
appropriate reading materials for
their students, so they must select good media. It is important that some unique strategies
are considered to be one of the most helpful and powerful kinds of media in
language teaching. For example, the student will find that learning English is
not boring activity, but it can be enjoyable.          

Discussing about reading comprehension, in
MA ALMA’ARIF SINGOSARI, there are so many students. There are 24 classes and 3 English teachers. The researcher found
that reading and writing become the most difficult skill for students. This
condition encourages teacher to have different method and media in teaching
reading skill. Not only that, a good teaching strategy becomes one of the keys
to get students interested and improved their learning. In fact, there are many
students in MA ALMA’ARIF
SINGOSARI. There are
above 8 classes in this school.
Some students at Eleventh grade of IPA1
get high scores, it means that the teacher got success in teaching
and learning. Referring to the explanation above, the researcher is interested in observing
implementation of study on teaching reading comprehension at Eleventh grade of IPA 1 at MA ALMA’ARIF

1.2 Research
of the Problem

Based on the background
of the study, the present study attempts to formulate these following

1.      What is the technique used in teaching
reading comprehension at
Eleventh grade of IPA 1 at MA ALMA’ARIF

2.      What kinds of problem do arise during
the implementation in teaching reading comprehension at Eleventh grade of IPA 1 at MA ALMA’ARIF SINGOSARI?

3.      How does the teacher solve the problem
in the classroom at
Eleventh grade of IPA 1 at MA ALMA’ARIF

4.      How does the teacher assess the students’
reading comprehension at Eleventh grade of IPA 1 at MA ALMA’ARIF

1.3 Objective of the Study   

Based on the
research problems, the objectives to be achieved in this study are:

1.      To know the teacher technique in teaching
reading comprehension at Eleventh grade of IPA 1 at MA ALMA’ARIF SINGOSARI.

2.      To describe the kinds of problem arise
during the implementation at Eleventh

3.      To describe the problem
solving in teaching reading comprehension at Eleventh grade of IPA 1 at MA ALMA’ARIF SINGOSARI.

To describe the way how the teacher assesses
the student reading comprehension at Eleventh grade of IPA 1 at MA ALMA’ARIF SINGOSARI.

1.4 Significant of the Study

            This research will have
some benefits to the implementation of reading comprehension. Especially, in this
research verifies the previous research difference white the previous.
Theoretically, this research give positive contributions of valuable ideas,
and worthwhile information for the teachers. Practically, this paper gives
positive contribution to the research itself, English teacher, students and other researchers to be
made as some reference. The English
teacher will make students interested and fun in teaching reading, so their comprehension are

1.5    Scope and Limitation of the Study

scope of the study focuses on
teaching reading in the Senior
High School. Furthermore, this study attempts to describe teaching reading comprehension. The research is limited at the
students of Eleventh grade

1.6  Definition of Key terms

Definitions are intended to avoid
ambiguity and misunderstanding perception of some terms used in this research. It is necessary to define
some key terms:

study is doing the research through descriptive
qualitative to describe about the teaching reading comprehension in the MA AL

is absolutely needed by students
because it is a process of bulding an
understanding from the written text.

reading is transferring skill to the new
reading context in a new language for the students. It makes students get a new
knowledge and some information about of content.

comprehension is used to measure the students
reading comprehension.
So, the students actually do not
only read aloud, but also they comprehend the text.