Introduction This is why it would take a


Naturally, human beings resist change for the fear of the unknown among other reasons. This is why it would take a lot to maneuver through the ups and downs associated with bringing change and making sure that the organization embraces it and successfully walks through the transitions.

Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization has been giving its customers the best they can and that is why the organization has been so successful in creating lasting relationships with its clientele. However, our market share has not been increasing substantially due to the steep competition in the market.

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It is sad to realize that after some research that was conducted in the market, our products were found not to be famous. We have been in the business for a period long enough to be able to cut down our advertising and promotional expenses and still enjoy leading the market but unfortunately, we are as threatened as in our first two year of business. This brings us to what we are not doing; this business should invest more in advertising through the web.

According to Leban & Stone (2008), the business environment is very dynamic which requires managers to be vigilant and always stay a step or two ahead of the competitors. However, this is something that the organization has not been excellently doing of late. I took the pleasure to review some of our key competitors’ expenditures on sales and promotion only to realize that we have been a way too extravagant on ours.

This organization invests heavily in the expensive personal selling which was a good strategy for us at our tender age but now these costs are unnecessary. We have also been pumping lots of cash to the print media, which includes newspapers and magazines not to mention the big cheques we write to the television and radio stations. Unfortunate we have almost forgotten completely about the web.

Analyzing our market, I realized that we serve a market composed of more than three quarters of young adults aged between 18 and 35. These people no longer read newspapers and magazines. In other word, they have no time for the print media. They are all busy chatting in social networks, sending e-mails to each other, and reading news from the internet. If we want to catch them, then this is the right place to find them.

We can begin this by developing a comprehensive and user friend company website, which tells it all about us. We should also consider having ways of making sales through the internet, which is the convenience these youngsters are looking for. Then we shall have numerous blogs and advertisements so that every one of these youngsters must see something to do with Kudler Fine Foods Virtual organization every time they log in to the internet.

This organization will better have a specialist in that field other than hiring the services. I know this sounds a little expensive but I was thinking of cutting our current expenditures on old-fashioned means of promotion by half, which would be more than enough to cater for the changes. The remaining half can be split into two so that we have one-half used to increase the salaries of the sales personnel. This will help in managing the change.

Online advertising is famous for its benefits of cost effectiveness, growth in audience, ability to select target audience and drive transactions just but to mention a few. It requires minimal number of personnel, which helps the organization to save on salaries and wages. Once a clientele has been established, it helps the organization stay in touch with them, since sending direct mails would be very easy.

According to Denison (2001), the manager should be very effective in managing the dimensions associated with change if he or she intends to succeed in bringing the change. The first dimension can be referred to as the content dimension. This dimension explains what the change will constitute of by telling exactly what will happen on the ground.

For our case, a comprehensive report should be drawn on what to be done about the different media as an activation of the change agenda. The second dimension, which is the process dimension, concentrates on how to implement those changes amid the expected difficulties. This is where all the departments of Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization come together and build the synergy required to succeed in this. It would not be funny for a cleaner or a secretary to be so helpful when it comes to online advertising.

This is why the organization will have to work together as opposed to each department minding its own business. Every individual in the organization should have his or her share of responsibility to the change progress. The third dimension, the context dimension, explores the environment where the change is being undertaken. Difficulties in both external and internal environment should be forecasted and dealt with even before they arise. This is where the organization is most required to be proactive as opposed to reactive.

Workers should be enabled on the new techniques, which will call for training in the organization. A computer lab might become necessary as well as powerful devices to connect to the internet. The organization will have to be ready for everything good or bad associated with the change.

The last dimension will be fighting quick victories. This organization has long-term visions and cannot afford to be distracted by petty short-term victories. These victories due to the change need to be institutionalized since they are everybody’s efforts.

This change has already undergone the preliminary stages of project management, which begins by initiation and planning. Now that there is a detailed plan on how to execute activities, it is time for execution once the plan is approved. It is my duty to present the plan for approval giving all the necessary information to allow my superiors make informed judgments. Once the change has been approved, I take the responsibility to lead the execution.

This can take up to a year or more to have the change in the organization as stipulated in my report. Burnes (2004) makes it clear that the execution is not the end since the project needs to be monitored, controlled, and evaluated. This ensures that all the activities are going on as planned.

Deviations from plan are dealt with promptly as they can cost the organization a lot. The last step in project management would be evaluation of its performance. We will need to see if more customers are responding positively and also make necessary changes for better performance.

This investment will not be regretted as it is expected to tap the market, which has been for a long time unreached. Sales are expected to grow tremendously and soon we will be thinking of expanding our operations. With a very high confidence level, I expect the change to earn us a return on investment of 1.45. This means that we will be receiving 45% as benefits for what we have invested in the online advertising. These benefits will be received for an indefinite period of time and the payback period is really short.


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